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Убиты, Но Не Вами.jpg
Background information
OriginMinsk, Belarus
Years active2010 – nowadays
  • Nestanda Records
  • Crash
  • MarikMarakesh
  • Anq
Past members
  • Artyom Artty

"UNNV" (Russian: "УННВ"), often expanded as "Killed But Not By You" (Russian: "Убиты, Но Не Вами") is a Russian-speaking underground rap group from Minska. Members of the team hide their identity, their real names, surnames or age are not known for certain.[1]


The group was created in 2010 in Minsk after the creation of the public of the same name in VKontakte. A couple of weeks later, the debut album of the group "Чернь" appeared in it.[2]

In 2012, the album "О'дно" was released, in 2015 "Вонючие рифмы", in 2019 "Чёрная кассета", and in 2021 a collection of unreleased tracks "Неизданное" was released.

In their music, the group pays attention to the topic of drugs, drug addiction, and also praises various illegal substances in all sorts of ways.[3]

The team did not release clips for their compositions for a long time, explaining this by the fact that they have enough money from concerts [2]

On January 21, 2020, the beatmaker of the group Artyom Artty announced in his public on Vkontakte that he was leaving the band:

Everything that will be done next by the UNNV group, or its individual members, has nothing to do with Audio Distortion.[4]


At their performances, the guys perform in masks, hoods, glasses, panama hats, and so on, to hide their identity. MarikMarakesh is considered the leader of the group, it is also known that he is the youngest of the team.[3]



Year Name Comment
2010 "Чернь"
2012 "О'дно" Ranks 290th on Spotify in the top Russian-language tracks of all time[5]
2015 "Вонючие рифмы" [6]
2019 "Чёрная кассета" 4th place in the chart InterMedia[7][8]
2021 "Неизданное" 21st place on BandLink[9]


Year Name Comment
2016 "Краски"

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Year Name Note
2012 "Притормози.mp4"
(With Maxie Flow and Фам)
YouTube Logo (2013-2017).svg
2021 "Пластилин из говна"
(Together with Гуляй Рванина)
YouTube Logo (2013-2017).svg
"Яма (live)"
YouTube Logo (2013-2017).svg
2022 "Притормози.mp4"
YouTube Logo (2013-2017).svg

Source: "UNNV", Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, (2022, November 26th),

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