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U10D, S300D, u300D

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U10D,S300D,u300D is a camera model designator for a digital cameras in the mju series manufactured by Olympus, which were sold by the names "μ-10 Digital" in Japan,[1] "μ300 Digital" in Europe, and "Stylus 300 Digital" in North America.[2] This text string is among the information embedded by the camera in the coding of the .JPEG image, mostly to help a computer find a compatible program (PictureViewer, Preview, etc.) to open it if it's not properly suffixed.

The Olympus μ-10 Digital, Stylus 300 Digital, and μ300 Digital weigh 165 grams, and are 99mm x 56mm x 33.5mm. They uses an XD-Picture Card for storage, and connect to a computer using USB. The cameras come with Olympus Camedia Master which allows a user to download and edit photos.

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