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Type 285 radar

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Type 285 radar
Country of originUnited Kingdom
TypeFire-control radar
Frequency600 MHz
  • 18° (horizontal)
  • 43° (vertical)
Pulsewidth2 μs
Range18,000 yd (16,000 m)
Altitude15,000 ft (4,600 m)
Precision150 yd (140 m)
Power25 kW

The Type 285 radar was a British naval anti-aircraft gunnery radar developed during the Second World War. The prototype was tested at sea aboard the escort destroyer HMS Southdown in August 1940.[1]

Type Aerial outfit Peak power (kW) Frequency (MHz) Wavelength (cm) In service
285 25 600 50 1941
285M 150 600 50 1941
285P 150 600 50 1942

Source: "Type 285 radar", Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, (2022, September 26th),

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