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Patella rustica

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Rustic limpet
Patelles sur leur rocher.JPG
Patella rustica on rocks
Patelle - vue des différents organes externes.JPG
ventral view of Patella rustica
Scientific classification
P. rustica
Binomial name
Patella rustica
  • Patella gorgonica da Costa, 1771
  • Patella lusitanica Gmelin 1791
  • Patella lusitanica var. minor Marion, 1883
  • Patella nigropunctata Reeve, 1854
  • Patella polita Risso, 1826
  • Patella punctata Lamarck, 1819
  • Patella punctulata Gmelin, 1791 (dubious synonym)
  • Patella rustica var. maroccana Pallary, 1920
  • Patella rustica var. orientalis Pallary, 1938
  • Patella squamata Röding, 1798
  • Patella subgranularis de Blainville, 1825
  • Patella variabilis Risso, 1826

Patella rustica, the Lusitanian limpet[2] or rustic limpet[3] is a species of sea snail, a true limpet, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Patellidae, one of the families of true limpets.[1] It is a rocky shore intertidal mollusc found throughout the Mediterranean and the north-east Atlantic from Mauritania to southern France.[4]

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Source: "Patella rustica", Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, (2023, January 17th),

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