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Nale Ba

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Nale Ba
come tomorrow
Other name(s)Naale Baa

Nale Ba or Naale Baa (English: "come tomorrow") (Kannada: ನಾಳೆ ಬಾ) is a popular folk legend which features prominently in areas across Karnataka, India.[1][2] "Naale Baa" has been found written on the doors and walls of the towns and villages for certain years.[3][4] Villagers write this on walls to prevent the entry of a malevolent spirit into their homes, It is believed that malevolent spirit or witch roams at night & takes away children, In some variations people used to believe that a witch (some believed that it is a male ghost, some believed a witch) roams around the houses, calls person's name (it knocks the door particularly which has not written 'Naale baa '), If he/she replies that person would die by vomiting blood, In some other variations of the myth, the spirit is believed to be a bridal ghost who roams around the town in search of her husband, She is known to take away the man of the house who is often the sole earning member of the family, therefore, bringing bad luck to the entire household.

Naale Baa was an urban legend that went viral during the 1990s in Karnataka.[1] The myth is "A witch roams the streets in the night and knocks the door. The witch apparently speaks in voices of your kin so you would be deceived to open the door. If you open it then you will die." So the residents came up with a smart idea of writing "Naale Baa" outside the doors and the walls of their house. So when the ghost reads it and it goes back to come again the next day and the cycle repeats.

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There was a renewed interest in her legend after reports of similar instances occurred same in a village in Thailand wherein healthy young men began to disappear right under their beds.

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