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Mayan El Sayed

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Mayan El Sayed
Mayan El Said 2.png
Mayan El Sayed Abdelgawad Agina

(1997-11-09) 9 November 1997 (age 25)
Cairo, Egypt
EducationTheatre and Film at AUC
Years active2016–present
Height160 cm (5 ft 3 in)
  • Radwa Hamdy (mother)
FamilyMayda - Mays - Meryam [3]
AwardsDear Guest Award for Best Young Actress[4]

Mayan El Sayed (Arabic: مايان السيد; born 9 November 1997) is an Egyptian actress.[1][2]


Mayan El Sayed[5] is an Egyptian actress.[6] At the age of 16 she started her career by going to many auditions through which she managed to take two roles in two different series screened during Ramadan in 2016;[7] Abu Al-Banat, and Al-Moghany. By 2018 she got her debut cinematic role through the box-office hit Harb Karmooz. Over the years Mayan got many roles but 2021 was her kick off because of her presence in three successful TV series during Ramadan 2021;[8] Hajma Murtada by director Ahmad Alaa Aldeeb; starring Ahmed Ezz and Hend Sabry, Le’bet Newton (Newton’s Cradle) on Netflix by Tamer Mohsen and starring Mona Zaki, and Harb Ahliya (Civil War) by director Sameh Abd El-Aziz; starring Youssra.

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Personal Life

Mayan was born in Cairo. She has 3 sisters who always support her alongside her parents.[9] Because her love for acting she choose to study theatre and graduated with a major in theater and film from the AUC.[10] Asmaa has been known to support[11] and advocate for the Palestinian cause.[12][13] She also supports women's rights on her social media accounts.[14][15][16]



  • 2022 Al Ekhteyar 3[17]
  • 2021 Ella Ana
  • 2021 Harb Ahliya[18]
  • 2021 Le’bet Newton (Newton’s Cradle) with Mona Zaki on Netflix
  • 2021 Hajma Murtada
  • 2019 Fekra Bi Million Geneh
  • 2019 Zodiac
  • 2018 El Ab El Rohi 2 with Asmaa Galal
  • 2018 Ka’eno Embarh
  • 2017 El Ab El Rohi
  • 2017 Zel El Raes (The President’s Shadow)
  • 2016 Al Moghany
  • 2016 Abu AL Banat


In 2021 Mayan received Dear Guest Award for Best Young Actress for her roles in the three TV hits aired in Ramadan 2021.[19]

Source: "Mayan El Sayed", Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, (2023, January 28th),

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