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List of FBI episodes

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FBI is an American crime drama television series created by Dick Wolf and Craig Turk that airs on CBS. It premiered on September 25, 2018.[1] FBI received a straight-to-series commission for 13 episodes on September 20, 2017.[2] On October 11, 2018, it was announced that the series had received a full season order from CBS.[3] In January 2019, CBS renewed the series for a second season; which premiered on September 24, 2019.[4] Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, filming was curtailed of the final three episodes of the second season, with the nineteenth episode, "Emotional Rescue", serving as the season finale. In May 2020, CBS renewed the series for a third season, which premiered on November 17, 2020.[5][6] In March 2021, the series was renewed for a fourth season,[7] which premiered on September 21, 2021.[8] In May 2022, CBS renewed the series for a fifth and sixth season.[9] The fifth season premiered on September 20, 2022.[10]

As of March 14, 2023, 93 episodes of FBI have aired, currently in its fifth season.

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FBI (TV series)

FBI (TV series)

FBI is an American crime drama television series created by Dick Wolf and Craig Turk that airs on CBS, where it premiered on September 25, 2018. The series is produced by Wolf Entertainment, CBS Studios, and Universal Television, with Dick Wolf, Arthur W. Forney, Peter Jankowski, and Turk serving as executive producers.

Dick Wolf

Dick Wolf

Richard Anthony Wolf is an American film and television producer, best known for his Law & Order franchise. Since 1990, the franchise has included six police/courtroom dramas and four international spinoffs. He is also creator and executive producer of the Chicago franchise, which since 2012 has included four Chicago-based dramas, and the creator and executive producer of the FBI franchise, which since 2018 has also become a franchise after spinning off two additional series.



CBS Broadcasting Inc., commonly shortened to CBS, the abbreviation of its former legal name Columbia Broadcasting System, is an American commercial broadcast television and radio network serving as the flagship property of the CBS Entertainment Group division of Paramount Global.

COVID-19 pandemic in the United States

COVID-19 pandemic in the United States

The COVID-19 pandemic in the United States is a part of the worldwide pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). In the United States, it has resulted in 102,417,985 confirmed cases with 1,113,229 all-time deaths, the most of any country, and the twentieth-highest per capita worldwide. The COVID-19 pandemic ranks first on the list of disasters in the United States by death toll; it was the third-leading cause of death in the U.S. in 2020, behind heart disease and cancer. From 2019 to 2020, U.S. life expectancy dropped by 3 years for Hispanic and Latino Americans, 2.9 years for African Americans, and 1.2 years for white Americans. These effects persisted as U.S. deaths due to COVID-19 in 2021 exceeded those in 2020, and life expectancy continued to fall from 2020 to 2021.

Series overview

SeasonEpisodesOriginally airedRankViewers
First airedLast aired
122September 25, 2018 (2018-09-25)May 14, 2019 (2019-05-14)1112.37[11]
219September 24, 2019 (2019-09-24)March 31, 2020 (2020-03-31)412.55[12]
315November 17, 2020 (2020-11-17)May 25, 2021 (2021-05-25)510.98[13]
421September 21, 2021 (2021-09-21)May 17, 2022 (2022-05-17)410.29[14]
523[15]September 20, 2022 (2022-09-20)May 23, 2023 (2023-05-23)[16]TBATBA


Season 1 (2018–19)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
U.S. viewers
11"Pilot"Niels Arden OplevTeleplay by : Craig Turk
Story by : Dick Wolf & Craig Turk
September 25, 2018 (2018-09-25)FBI10110.09[17]

When an apartment building is destroyed by two bomb blasts, killing 27 people, it first appears to be part of a gang war. However, further investigation reveals that the mastermind behind the carnage is a white supremacist named Robert Lawrence who wants to create the illusion that groups of non-white people are turning the city into a war zone. The FBI is closing in on Lawrence, but there's one more bomb somewhere, about to go off, sending field agents Maggie Bell and Omar Adom "OA" Zidan into a frantic race against time to stop the final attack before it happens with assistance from their boss, Special Agent in Charge Ellen Solberg, her second-in-command Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jubal Valentine, technical analyst Kristen Chazal and their colleagues in the Joint Operations Command or JOC at 26 Fed.

  • This episode marks the first and only appearance of Connie Neilsen (Ellen Solberg).
22"Green Birds"Nick GomezAaron FullertonOctober 2, 2018 (2018-10-02)FBI1049.37[18]

Several people in New York collapse and die after buying food from a take-away. As Maggie, OA and the rest of the FBI's New York field office meet their new boss, Special Agent in Charge Dana Mosier, they quickly locate the store and find CCTV footage showing a young woman spraying poison onto the food. They track her using CCTV cameras and she dumps the dispenser and her clothes. She also collapses, landing in hospital while eventually dying from the very same poison that she unknowingly injected into herself via a dispenser that has a needle that appears on the fifth press, injecting the user with poison with the woman eventually dying from the poison. Tracking through her computer, the team finds that she has been attracted to a radical form of Islam and duped into undertaking the terrorist attack. One of her online friends is also being lined up for the same treatment with OA soon realizing the girls were in fact working with ISIS and also a terrorist whose methods he encountered during his time in the Army.

  • This episode marks the debut appearance of Sela Ward (Dana Mosier), Ward also receiving the "And" credit while Jeremy Sisto (Jubal Valentine) retains the "With", a credit he also received during the Pilot episode.
33"Prey"Norberto BarbaAndrew WilderOctober 9, 2018 (2018-10-09)FBI1059.17[19]
A family argument is interrupted when a young woman staggers onto the property, stabbed multiple times. Following back her steps, the team finds that she had been buried barely alive and dug herself out of her grave with the FBI team soon discovering many other graves that contains the bodies of other young women. The team's investigation finds that the woman in question is an American citizen born in the Ukraine who, along with her sister, Brooke was tricked into moving to the United States by a human trafficking group. With her help, the team works out the identity of the local ring-leader, catching up with him in an apartment building where he had just killed the Ukrainian doctor whom they were looking for although Maggie is left with injuries after encountering and fighting the man. The traffickers shift their bases of operations, so an online booking service is used to entice them to a motel where Jubal is waiting, having gone undercover due to his previous experience of working in Vice. Eventually, the team arrest the people responsible and rescue the girls who are found hiding in the basement of a house.
44"Crossfire"Arthur W. ForneyBrian AnthonyOctober 16, 2018 (2018-10-16)FBI1029.31[20]
Three people, including an assistant US district attorney, are killed by a sniper on Park Avenue. Later, six people in a residential neighborhood on Staten Island are killed by the same man. The FBI agents identify the sniper as Cole Cooper, an army veteran who'd lost everything in his life. Cole had taken a teenage boy named Kofi under his wing; the FBI capture Kofi, and try to gain his trust in the hope that he'll tell them where Cole will strike next. They learn that Cole lost his girlfriend to illness and felt betrayed by faith in life, and discover his last location to be the church he and Kofi went to. Despite Bell trying to empathise with him, she makes the final decision to have him shot when Cole attempts to shoot a civilian. Bell and Zidan find their closures with the case, with Susan Poe and Kofi respectively.
55"Doomsday"Fred BernerJudith McCrearyOctober 23, 2018 (2018-10-23)FBI1068.82[21]
After a drill at a nuclear power plant, a real alarm goes off, warning that the reactor's coolant water is leaking and an employee is found dead. The situation is stabilized and the FBI is called in. It is first suspected the murdered employee tried to sabotage the plant, but she did not have the expertise needed to attempt it, meaning she had a partner who is still on the loose. They end up working with most wanted felon Jake Fletcher, who was investigating the plant for corruption. Fletcher stayed in Cuba where he also started a relationship with the victim, and he returned to the US after hearing the news of her death. Together with Fletcher, they're able to narrow the suspect pool down to the plant's inspector, who killed the IG inspector as collateral damage for the Inspector General's investigation into the plant.
66"Family Man"Jean de SegonzacBarbie KligmanOctober 30, 2018 (2018-10-30)FBI1039.41[22]
When senator Gary Lynch's daughter, Gracie, is kidnapped and held for ransom, the FBI must find the little girl before time runs out. To do so, they must dig into the senator's past to find out who is behind it. They discover that Lynch once had an affair with Nicole Sousa, with whom he also had a son, Nathan. Sousa also suffers from ALS, a condition OA reveals his grandfather suffered from with Sousa insisting she needs Lynch's assistance. Returning to the apartment later, Maggie and OA find Sousa dead, having overdosed and manage to save Nathan from overdosing too. They suspect she worked with Lynch's childhood friend, Joe Finnegan. The kidnapping also reaches the press, which puts a strain on the possibility of getting Gracie back. Finnegan refuses to answer to the FBI, until they allow senator Lynch to talk to him himself. Finnegan's motives reveals that he felt betrayed by Lynch for not doing him a favor regarding his son's prison sentence with Kristen also revealing that Finnegan's son, Sean died in prison ten days prior even though there was nothing Lynch could have done. He subsequently gives Gracie's location, and the FBI rescue her and apprehend the guarding goons. As Maggie prepares to leave, Lynch's wife asks her if it's possible for her to adopt Nathan so she and Lynch can take custody of him. Maggie happily confirms she can.
77"Cops and Robbers"Jean de SegonzacHadi Nicholas DeebNovember 13, 2018 (2018-11-13)FBI1089.19[23]
Criminals masquerading as police officers rob an armored car and steal two million dollars. The FBI suspects it was an inside job. They manage to identify the members of the robbery crew, but their prime suspect Nick Salerno ends up dead before they can apprehend him. They get Jason Morgan, a former veteran who was involved with the crew, to go in undercover. After they escape, Morgan is compromised as the FBI move in. They manage to apprehend the two remaining members, Ryan Jenkins and mastermind Eric Healy at the docks, but Zidan is almost forced to shoot Morgan. Bell wounds him before he can shoot Zidan. Bell also tries to help Zidan to be more open about his experiences during the war in Iraq.
88"This Land Is Your Land"Charlotte BrandstromClaire DemorestNovember 20, 2018 (2018-11-20)FBI1098.91[24]
The FBI is called when Victor Beniov, a Russian chemist who used to create chemical weapons and recently published a tell-all book, is kidnapped. The trail of the illegally purchased weapons leads to two local brothers related to the far-right militia movement with the FBI descending on the area. With Jubal overseeing the field operation and Kristen assisting, Maggie and OA along with an FBI SWAT team invade the area. However, they're pinned down by the shooters but eventually manage to find and get some children who were in the house to safety while OA saves Beniov who tells him and Jubal that they forced him to make hydrogen cyanide by threatening his daughter who Beniov reveals they also had pictures of. The FBI tracks the middle brother to the city courthouse, where he holds members and a judge hostage, and threatens to bomb the place in revenge for his father who was anti-government being sentenced. Susan manages to convince him that his father is in the courthouse, in an attempt to persuade him to surrender. Mosier is approached by her Russian contact, who warns her that the Russians are keeping tabs on them equal to them keeping tabs on the Russians.
99"Compromised"Ed OrnelasKatie SwainDecember 4, 2018 (2018-12-04)FBI1079.72[25]
The FBI team is called to assist when Damian Cruz, a witness in witness protection program is assassinated. After Maggie and O.A. apprehend the assassin, Maggie gets him to reveal that he purchased the information on Cruz's location from Vincent Marino. The FBI storms Marino's home, only to find him dead. Suspicion falls on US Marshall handler Paul Ackerman when another protected witness, Maya Nelson, is killed. Maggie and O.A. question the man Nelson helped put away, Nate Skinner, who admits putting the hit on her and gives a description of the man and his girlfriend who leaked Nelson's location - the latter of which matches the description of Amber Turner, Marino's AA sponsor and one of Ackerson's witnesses. The FBI discovers that Ackerman has exploited vulnerable female witnesses, including Amber Turner, and that Marino obtained Cruz's identity from Ackerman after he threatened to expose Turner and Ackerman's affair, only for Ackerman to later kill Marino and start selling witness names himself. After Ackerman calls the FBI and threatens to expose the identities of more witnesses if Amber is not released from custody, Bell goes undercover as Turner, leading to Ackerman's arrest.
1010"The Armorer's Faith"Nicole RubioAndrew WilderDecember 11, 2018 (2018-12-11)FBI1119.04[26]

O.A. is called upon to go undercover when an arms buyer is assassinated. The dead man had been turned by members of another branch of the FBI and was going to help take down Martin Vickers, who is selling 50 new generation shoulder-mounted, laser-guided anti-tank missiles that could be used to shoot down planes. The handler of the dead man was O.A.'s former instructor at Quantico, Rowan Quinn who has a hostile encounter with O.A. They almost bring down Vickers but are beaten to the punch by Vickers's daughter, Arianna, who was also involved in her father's business, and who had sold him out to a Mexican cartel prepared to pay more to get the weapons. She kills her father, before leaving O. A and Quinn to fend off her goons, but is arrested in her attempted escape while in hospital, O.A. learns from Quinn that the man was going through personal problems at the time O.A. was in Quantico and regularly chose a recruit to pick on under the belief it would make them stronger, something O.A. refuses to accept with Quinn later apologizing for his actions. O.A. later attends a course by an FBI instructor where potential new recruits are being taught and prepares to give them a lecture concerning his experience in the FBI.

  • Billy Burke (Rowan Quinn) is credited as a Special Guest Star.
1111"Identity Crisis"Norberto BarbaRick EidJanuary 15, 2019 (2019-01-15)FBI1129.33[27]
After judge Leslie Chapman sentences a man to life in prison, she is murdered along with her daughter, Sam. Maggie and O. A. investigate the scene and looks for a possible link related to the sentencing. Bell and Zidan come across club owners Jack Rossi and Ray Costa, whose club Chapman visited only hours before her death. They also cross paths with Gina Pratt, a friend of Bell and undercover agent working in Rossi and Costa's inner circle. The team implements Pratt's operation into their investigation after it's revealed that Rossi and Costa are secretly dealing drugs, with Rossi also having a connection to Sam Chapman while Jubal goes undercover again, posing as a friend of Gina's although his role ends when the drug dealers fail to arrive at the pre-arranged meeting spot. After failing to strike deals with Rossi, Pratt expresses sympathy with him, putting her career at risk. The team manages to stop Rossi and Costa before they make it to Essex County Airport, charging Costa with the murder of Chapman and her daughter.
1212"A New Dawn"Terry MillerBrian AnthonyJanuary 22, 2019 (2019-01-22)FBI1107.40[28]
The FBI team investigate the murder of a misogynist white-supremacist right-wing activist, Nathaniel Bain, at the Paul Rivera college campus, the same college O.A.'s younger sister, Amira, attends. When the investigation leads them to a former staff member of the campus' newspaper, Claire, O.A. and Maggie turn to Amira, who also works in the paper, for information. Thanks to Amira's former friendship with Claire, Maggie infiltrates the radical organization they believe responsible for the murder, New Dawn by going undercover. Their investigation reveal that the college headmaster's son, Connor Whitman, murdered Bain and torched the Savage Sons club house. Whitman outs professor Will Kelly being the mastermind behind ideas with Kelly revealed to have been manipulating students into taking action. Amira is taken hostage by New Dawn member Heather, threatening to bomb the church Bain's funeral is taking place at. Bell and Zidan manage to get Heather to give up and save Amira.
1313"Partners in Crime"Jean De SegonzacClaire DemorestFebruary 12, 2019 (2019-02-12)FBI1139.45[29]
Maggie and O.A. searches for a couple who is responsible for armed robberies that led to the death of an off-duty NYPD officer, Oliver West. While the male suspect is identified as Patrick Cross, the situation turns out to be far more complex than thought when they realize that the female is a missing 18 year old, Julia Parker. However the CCTV footage does not add up, given the girl's height is different then her actual height. The team deduces that the second girl is missing 15 year old Katharine James. After being corned by the FBI and NYPD, Cross takes hostages in a nearby restaurant. The FBI bring his father who murdered Patrick's mother and two sisters in a domestic violence incident many years ago to try and convince him, but to no avail. Bell then goes in as a paramedic to treat a shot victim's wound. In the process she disarms Cross after he loses his temper, while Julia shoots him dead, ending the hostage situation while Jubal leads an FBI SWAT team to an apartment area where Cross lived many years ago and is successful in finding and rescuing Katharine. Jubal is getting to terms with his ex-wife now having a new boyfriend, but decides to attend his son's birthday party despite the new boyfriend being there.
1414"Exposed"Norberto BarbaDavid AmannFebruary 19, 2019 (2019-02-19)FBI1149.06[30]
An investigative journalist, Rob McCann, is murdered and the team uncovers information linking the incident to past cases. They discover he was investigating a pharmaceutical company who produced a drug for childhood Leukaemia with a 29% mortality rate. McCann's informant, William Patterson, is assassinated in an alleged car accident. They also discover the same jogger who appeared on CCTV in a case in Michigan in the death of a state senator. The jogger is later identified as the assassin, Frank Cutler. Maggie learns her husband's death was not an accident, after spotting Cutler in the background of an old video of her and Jason. O. A. initially dismisses her suspicion, before finding evidence to the contrary. The FBI arrest Russell Donovan for hiring Cutler to kill McCann. Bell and Zidan confront Cutler at a bank, shooting him when he refuses to surrender. After learning that Cutler was involved in Jason's death, Bell confronts him at the hospital, but he dies after a second surgery.
1515"Scorched Earth"Nick GomezRick Eid & Brian AnthonyFebruary 26, 2019 (2019-02-26)FBI1159.45[31]
Wall Street Keller Hogan CEO Veronica Klein is murdered by a bomb planted in her office. Soon after, a barista, Carly Fincher, is also killed in a bombing. Their connections are in contrast, with Fincher being a blogger and Klein being known for sacking anyone undermining her leadership. The team question Nick Frost, who sent a threat to Klein. A male profiler, Supervisory Special Agent Spencer Briggs, is sent by headquarters to help the team and he clashes with Dana's authority, notably arguing with statistics, likelihood and different priorities while Dana proves him otherwise right over time. Frost points the team to Stuart Moore, who was also sacked by Klein. They discover Moore attempted suicide a week before the bombings, and suspicion turns to his son, Cameron, who idolised him. Cameron reveals after his arrest, that he planted another bomb, revealed to be in a gentleman's club attended by Frost. Bell and Zidan evacuate the club and Bell secures the bomb in a freezer vault although it explodes seconds later. Maggie and OA later return to 26 Fed where Maggie receives applause from everyone in the room for her efforts while Briggs and Dana part on good terms, Briggs having come to acknowledge Dana's skills.
1616"Invisible"Charles S. CarrollJoe HalpinMarch 12, 2019 (2019-03-12)FBI1168.95[32]
Elizabeth Chase, the daughter of media mogul Benjamin Chase, is kidnapped while leaving a dinner with him. The FBI look for possible assailants among high school society, before the kidnapper makes a ransom. The money is picked up by a homeless man, who leads them to an employee working for Chase, who took advantage of the case to get back at him. A lead on Elizabeth's missing inhaler leads them to CCTV footage capturing Charlie Jacobs after stealing one from a pharmacy. After Bell and Zidan chase Jacobs, he commits suicide, blaming Elizabeth. After rescuing her from Jacobs's cabin in Pound Ridge, she reveals that Jacobs possibly worked with someone, revealed to be Sam Musk, in planning school shootings. They manage to stop Musk from shooting up an event, with Zidan jumping in front of his weapon, taking a shot to the vest. Chazal applies to become a field agent, an application which Quantico and Mosier accepts.
1717"Apex"Jean De SegonzacAndrew WilderMarch 26, 2019 (2019-03-26)FBI1179.13[33]
Bell and Zidan assist the NYPD with a possible serial killer who photographs his victims in full make-up in perfect lighting. Initially, the team are faced with three victims, but the number rises to ten after more are revealed. Deputy Mayor Lynn Carver informs Mosier that the mayor does not want bad publicity for the city and scaring away tourists. This forces Mosier to tackle the press with a more softer approach. However they later come to disagree on how evidence should be handled. The team tracks evidence to doctor Edward Praeger, who has a Polaroid of one of the victims, but his DNA does not match the others. He leads them to the killer, revealed to be Robert Burke IV, a member of the Burke property owner family. Burke's wife reveals she filed for divorce because he photographed her like other victims. Mosier disobeys Carver's orders, and approves Bell and Zidan to storm Burke's studio, preventing him from taking another victim's life.
1818"Most Wanted"Fred BernerRené BalcerApril 2, 2019 (2019-04-02)FBI1189.08[35]

When ICE deportation officer Thomas Gilman kills his family consisting of his wife and two children and flees, the resulting explosion destroying his house while leaving one neighbor dead and two in the ICU, O.A. and Maggie investigate. They soon collaborate with the FBI's Fugitive Task Force led by SSA Jess LaCroix to apprehend Gilman with Jess, FBI agents Sheryll Barnes, Clinton Skye, Kenny Crosby and Hana Gibson later beginning a search for Gilman by talking to the people Gilman encountered as the body count from Gilman's rampage begins increasing. It's soon revealed that Gilman is motivated by the desire to exact revenge against his mother who has recently died even though Gilman is refusing to believe it as when they were children, Gilman and his brother, Mike Venutti were separated, Gilman staying behind with his abusive father while their mother took Mike and left. By using footage they've obtained from Venutti which shows their mother celebrating her 78th birthday while also stating she wishes her son, Tommy was here, indicating she still felt guilty over what she had done, the team are able to lure Gilman to a house, but are cornered by Venutti. Once Gilman arrives, he holds his brother hostage while LaCroix negotiates with him. Bell, who arrived at the scene for the takedown, hands Jess a shotgun, making him able to disarm Gilman with Gilman losing his right hand in the process.

  • This episode is the backdoor pilot for FBI: Most Wanted.[34] based on FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives "Robert William Fisher" and also marks the debut appearance of Alana De La Garza as Isobel Castille. Julian McMahon (Jess LaCroix), Kellan Lutz (Kenny Crosby), Roxy Sternberg (Sheryll Barnes), Keisha Castle-Hughes (Hana Gibson), Nathaniel Arcand (Clinton Skye) and Alana De La Garza (Isobel Castille) are all credited as Special Guest Stars.
1919"Conflict of Interest"Christine SwansonNick SantoraApril 16, 2019 (2019-04-16)FBI1198.76[36]
The FBI investigates the murder of Ryan Parker, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Trade and his driver, who was unknowingly used as a pawn by a dangerous drug-trafficking ring, the White Horses. The drugs are revealed to have been delivered through with his translator, Michelle Chang with the drugs being identified as carfentanil which is a more powerful and deadlier drug than both heroin and morphine. The team track down a JFK airport worker, Kevin Okoro, who served as a middle man, but he is killed at the hospital via suffocation before they can speak to him. As that goes on, OA finds himself reconnecting with his friend, Juan who later overdoses on some carfentanil, forcing him to be transported to the hospital for treatment. Meanwhile, Jubal unwillingly gets his friend and former drug addict Morris Kalu, a man who was previously a member of the White Horses involved, putting him through an undercover operation to get to the leader Tayo. During his attempt to escape, Tayo takes Kalu hostage but Jubal manages to save Kalu by shooting Tayo dead. Back at 26 Fed, Jubal expresses sympathies to OA, revealing that Juan died off-screen, an incident that has left OA devastated and guilty he couldn't spot the signs that his friend was an addict, something Jubal agrees with before he then tells OA that there's no such thing as an ex-addict and all it takes is one bad day. Jubal later visits Kalu and the two leave for a new rehab meeting.
2020"What Lies Beneath"Vincent MisianoDavid AmannApril 30, 2019 (2019-04-30)FBI1208.86[37]
When controversial secret police leader Ahmed El-Masri from Egypt comes to New York for a heart transplant, O.A. struggles to balance his personal opinion with his professional duty when he is assigned to the security detail. While on route to the hospital, El-Masri's convoy is ambushed and is diverted to Hope General Hospital. With OA on the protection detail for El-Masri, Bell works with agent Art Perkins (Titus Makin) to track down the assailant, Karim Mohammad, who is revealed to be working for professional assassin, Zev Solin whose work Jubal has prior experience with seeing, Jubal revealing that Solin once blew up a plane with 63 passengers just to kill his main target. Solin takes matters into his own hands and infiltrates the hospital disguised as a doctor, but escapes once spotted by O. A. State Troopers later disarm him, and O. A. confronts him about a bomb revealed to be in the hospital. The FBI bomb squad manages to disable the bomb and El-Masri safely gets his transplant, but dies after complications. His advisor gives O. A. closure about his missing cousin who disappeared during the Arab spring, revealing she died during an outbreak at the prison she was sent to.
2121"Appearances"Jean De SegonzacJoe HalpinMay 7, 2019 (2019-05-07)FBI1218.76[38]
The FBI investigates the murder of a fellow FBI agent, Greg Kennedy. When it is revealed he was living a double life, the team struggle to decide how much to tell his wife, Linda, also an FBI agent, and one of Maggie's closest friends. They learn from the bartender Kennedy met, that he was looking into "the devil", revealed to be biker gang member Mason Thorne. The gang was also dealing drugs after attorney Mike Krawley got them in touch with Philadelphia dealer Michael Rizzo. Thorne is found murdered, and Rizzo reveals that Krawley murdered him and has CCTV footage to prove it. As Linda interferes with the investigation, they learn she went to Krawley's office, before finding him dead at the biker club house. They arrest the gang leader, Tommy Chase, for murdering Krawley in retaliation for Thorne's death. Kristin and O. A. dig into Jason's death, discovering he met a businesswoman, Angela Perez, some time before his death.
2222"Closure"Nicole RubioRick EidMay 14, 2019 (2019-05-14)FBI1228.56[39]

Angela Perez is kidnapped and later murdered by assassin Carlos Sanchez. Mosier advises Bell against taking on the case, but later changes her mind. The FBI connect Sanchez to a Mexican drug cartel, and later the company Perez worked for, as a front for money laundering. Initial suspicion is held against Perez's ex boyfriend Nathan Post, but he has an alibi for the day of the ordered hit and Perez’ kidnapping, but the hit was ordered from the same building. Bell deduces that the same person ordered Jason dead, and it is revealed to be Perez's supervisor Sophie Keller, who ordered the hits. After chasing her to a marina in an attempted escape, she tells Bell that the cartel forced her to order the hits. With Keller giving up information on the cartel, Bell finally gets closure for Jason's death while Mosier confides in Jubal and announces that she will be retiring as special-agent-in-charge, having already submitted her retirement papers after realizing her decision to let Maggie proceed could have cost Maggie her career or worse while Maggie and O.A. later go out to dinner together, announcing it's a toast to new beginnings and to celebrate the fact they've been partners for ten months.

  • This episode marks the final appearance of Sela Ward (Dana Mosier).

Season 2 (2019–20)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
U.S. viewers
231"Little Egypt"Arthur W. ForneyRick EidSeptember 24, 2019 (2019-09-24)FBI2018.83[40]

As Kristen receives her badge and starts her first day as a field agent, partnered with recently transferred agent Stuart Scola who worked with Jubal at the Boston field office and the New York field office begins working under its new superior, Special Agent in Charge Isobel Castille, the team investigate when a bomb detonates at a restaurant in Queens not far from where OA grew up. Although the culprits, Justin Murphy and Michael Moosa, are apprehended, things get even more complicated when one of the witnesses, waiter Joseph Nasser, is revealed to be an undercover FBI agent with another agenda, that being apprehending two Muslim youths in the act of terrorism by recruiting them. O. A. joins Nasser's operation, but is conflicted about if it is right to let it happen. Despite reaching a deal with them, the boys join an imam to execute a bombing in Central Park. The FBI are able to evacuate the crowds and neutralise the threat in time.

  • This is the first episode of the FBI series to have Alana De La Garza (Isobel Castille) now credited as a series regular and marks the debut appearance of John Boyd (Stuart Scola) while Jeremy Sisto (Jubal Valentine) receives the "And" credit.
242"The Lives of Others"Alex ChappleDavid AmannOctober 1, 2019 (2019-10-01)FBI2029.46[41]
Eli Harper, the six year old son of prominent blogger Stacy Harper, is kidnapped, forcing the team to look through her two million followers. As the team dig into the family's personal life and online presence, not everything is as it seems. The team suspect former convicted sex offender Todd Crebins, who is also the Harper's neighbour, after finding Eli's toy dinosaur in his sofa. However his alibi proves them wrong, and further evidence points them to Wayne Rydell, who admits to having canvassed the Harper's house and attempted to break in. His assessment of a black car, leads them back to the Hernandez park call made to the Harpers earlier. They track down the owner, Lisa Defacio, who is revealed to be Eli's surrogate mother. Bell has her surrender and finds Eli in a bedroom unharmed. Kristen continues to adjust to life as a field agent and Bell reevaluates how she has been coping with her husband's death.
253"American Idol"Milena GovichMo MasiOctober 8, 2019 (2019-10-08)FBI2038.70[42]
Congresswoman Valerie Caldwell, who is running for president, survives a car bomb which kills one of her bodyguards, and Maggie and O.A. must find out if there are any more threats. As the team race against time to find the perpetrator, they discover that the motive for the assassination attempt may not be entirely political. Despite initial suspicions against the sister of one of Caldwell's sentences suspects admitting hatred against her, she did not plant the bomb. Evidence instead points towards a member of the People's Liberation Army Ray Zhao, possibly being a spy who was digging up dirt on Caldwell. The FBI discovers that Caldwell fired her colleague Len Barker back when they worked together, after he started with odd behaviours. Barker targets a campaign meeting at the Roosevelt Hotel, but is thwarted by the FBI. Maggie finds herself at odds with Caldwell's motives to cover up evidence that would have confirmed Wayne Simmons's alibi, and manages to put her admiration for Caldwell behind, a move O.A. later voices his pride at her for doing.
264"An Imperfect Science"Jean de SegonzacErica Shelton KodishOctober 15, 2019 (2019-10-15)FBI2048.75[43]
A white man opens fire in a black nightclub, killing one and wounding more, and it appears the FBI ignored previous threats from a white supremacist group, the First Order. A high school white supremacist, Ivan Childress, admits to the shooting, but Maggie does not believe he is the shooter and tries to prove his innocence. Kristin must decide between her responsibility to the FBI and the black community. Maggie's hunch about the shooter is proven correct, and the real shooter, Jim Housley Dietz, is determined to have targeted his ex girlfriend in the club, Patrice. Maggie and O. A. races to her safe house, where Housley Dietz ambushes them, also wounding O. A. in the process and when he attempts to kill Maggie, O.A. emerges and fatally shoots Dietz. Later, Castille expresses to Jubal that they should have taken the threats against the club more seriously, and wants to expand the responsibility for more thoroughness in investigating threats.
275"Crossroads"Charles S. CarrollRick Eid & Clare DemorestOctober 22, 2019 (2019-10-22)FBI2058.87[44]

Commercial truck driver Jim Russo, with a spotless record and no enemies is kidnapped, but the FBI cannot determine why he was targeted until they realize he was carrying a dirty shovel in his truck. They deduce he buried something, later revealed to be bags of cocaine. The FBI clashes with the DEA when a person of interest, driver Miguel Boaz, is revealed to be an informant working for the DEA. They discover that the DEA was setting up an operation to take down the Juarez gang leader. The FBI decides to raid the gang's house despite the DEA's warnings, arresting everyone present and rescuing a badly injured Russo. Jubal must make a difficult decision regarding his divorced wife and children, seeking advice from Maggie. He decides to accept that his ex-wife and children will be moving to Scarsdale.

  • This is the first episode to have John Boyd (Stuart Scola) credited as a series regular.
286"Outsider"Stephen SurjikRick Eid & David AmannNovember 5, 2019 (2019-11-05)FBI2068.54[45]
Brad Hughes, a Wall Street investor, is found dead by a jogger and the team investigate the shady side of insider trading when they discover he was a whistleblower who had contacted the SEC about an illegal deal. Scola's inside knowledge as a former trader comes in handy as he and Kristen comb through a suspect pool of tight-lipped investment bankers and traders. Through Elena Bondar, they discover that she and nine other girls were used as assets to spread malware in able for an Albanian gang to get inside information to Wall Street trading. O. A. goes through his girlfriend Mona, who is an attorney, identifying their suspect, Nikolas Christo. Bondar goes to a bar to meet Christo, wearing a wire, but is held at gunpoint. After taking out Christo, the FBI frees the remaining girls. Castille informs O. A. that the head of organized crime wants to know how he got Christo's name and that unlike her, the organized crime head will not accept "no" as an answer.
297"Undisclosed"Emile LevisettiJoe Halpin & Katherine ViscontiNovember 12, 2019 (2019-11-12)FBI2078.87[46]
The team tries to learn who has the most to gain after Robert Cabot, university president of Armstrong University and board member of Cemera, a medical tech company about to go public is murdered. Initial suspicions points to a student, Luke Wagner, who was personally expelled from campus by Cabot, but Wagner reveals he only heard the shots killing Cabot while waiting at his home. The FBI look into people involved with Cemera, and the CEO, Corinne Baker, is shot by the same suspect. The suspect is revealed to be security guard Tommy Ward, who was also one of the witnesses. It is also revealed Cemera's scanners are faulty through a sacked employee, and Ward and other patients developed further stages of cancer. Ward held Cemera responsible for his cancer, and holds a hostage before walking in front of a truck, committing suicide. O.A. is put at odds when his cousin Ryan, through his uncle, asks him a favor that would involve him lying about the cousin being fit to be a cop with the Newark P. D. O. A. decides to be honest, which includes that Ryan is not fit to be a cop, enough for the department to not give him the job, disappointing his uncle.
308"Codename: Ferdinand"Alex ZakrzewskiDavid AmannNovember 19, 2019 (2019-11-19)FBI2088.83[47]
Photographer Frank Webber is killed in a car accident, later revealed to be sabotage. The FBI cross paths with CIA agent Collins, who reveals that Webber worked for the agency photographing suspected sleeper agents. The Russian agents are revealed to be the couple who reported the accident, Ben and Lisa Blake. The FBI works with the CIA to discover their assassination plot, narrowing the target down to being Farhad Amiri, the son of the Iranian defence minister, who is in New York on a student visa. They are able to thwart the attack and apprehend Ben. Maggie is accosted by a man who accidentally bumped into her car and gets asked out for coffee.
319"Salvation"Alex ChappleRick EidNovember 26, 2019 (2019-11-26)FBI2098.81[48]
High school English teacher Patrick Miller disappears and is later found murdered after an altercation with a student, Alex Williams. Williams points the team to Max Bailey, Miller's girlfriend's ex-husband who accuses Miller of being a pedophile after seeing him with an underage girl. The girl is revealed to be Jessica Sanchez, a Mexican gang member who has settled in the US and sought help from Miller to get out of it. Her revelations point them to her gang leader, Marco Gomez. Sanchez meets Gomez and the gang, the D15, undercover to find incriminating evidence. The FBI arrest the gang and Gomez and secures a process to get Sanchez into witness protection. However, their efforts are halted by ICE, who have an order of removal on Sanchez. Bell contests the decision and brings it to court. Despite her best efforts, the judge rules in favour of having Sanchez deported due to her past involvement with the D15.
3210"Ties That Bind"Stephen SurjikClaire DemorestDecember 17, 2019 (2019-12-17)FBI2108.47[49]
Hannah Bloom, the daughter of decorated NYPD detective Harry Bloom, is killed, and the FBI is tasked with investigating the case to avoid a conflict of interest but soon realize she is only the latest in a long line of women to be strangled. They discover that the killer strangled mostly orange haired women stretching from southern New York down to the city. Kristin makes a mistake in field training that leads to Scola being shot with a paintball and worries Scola is going too easy on her when he does not chastise her for it. The team brings in Andrew Cameron, a victim of kidnapping and abuse, whose description matches the killer. Despite flaws in his recollection, after saving another victim, Grace Lennon, the FBI deduces it was actually his brother, Jordan. Harry Bloom intervenes when they are about to confront Jordan, but in an attempt to escape, Jordan fights Maggie, only for Kristen to intercept the hit, taking the stab to her throat before she collapses to the ground. O.A. and Scola then proceed to fatally shoot Jordan while Maggie performs CPR on Kristen, urging her to keep on breathing and to look at her, ending the episode in a cliffhanger.
3311"Fallout"Alex ChappleDavid AmannJanuary 7, 2020 (2020-01-07)FBI2119.32[50]
Kristen is rushed to the hospital as the doctors race to save her life. What happened to her throws the team off balance as they investigate the murder of businessman Keith Gilroy, who lost his position after being accused of sexually harassing numerous female employees of his. The team suspects one of his accusers is behind his death after they discover an assassin, Sarah Baines, was paid to take him out. Their initial suspect, Gayle Dixon, is cleared, and they also learn that Ava Mercer, was Gilroy's daughter, but she did not know him. Gilroy had planned to include her in his will, but died before the change happened, thereby putting his inheritance to his foundation, led by Lila Robbins. Robbins reveals she was also a victim of Gilroy. The team tries to adjust to newcomer agent Emily Ryder while Kristen fortunately makes a successful recovery.
3412"Hard Decisions"Emile LevisettiJoe HalpinJanuary 14, 2020 (2020-01-14)FBI2128.57[51]
After a bank is held up, but nothing is reported stolen, the team's investigation leads them to a safety deposit box whose contents have fallen into the hands of an infamous cyber criminal, dubbed The Sentinel. The contents threaten national security, as the NSA becomes involved. The Sentinel, who is later revealed to be Kenneth Bates, asks to speak to Castille once he is arrested, also revealing a high level of knowledge about the team. They trick him into seeing a live feed from the New York Stock Exchange where he claims a bomb will be detonated. They call his bluff when the alleged bomb does not explode, leading to his arrest. Kristen is discharged from the hospital and returns to the FBI on a desk assignment. She states she's eager to return to field but her teammates are less sure she's ready.
3513"Payback"Monica RaymundDavid Amann & Mo MasiJanuary 21, 2020 (2020-01-21)FBI2139.24[52]

Jake Osborne, the son of retired FBI agent Dan Osborne, is kidnapped and the team investigates to see if it is an act of revenge from one of the criminals Osborne helped put away, Castille revealing she worked with Dan Osborne in the past. They discover Jake sold pills with Beth Kimball from his school, and was beaten by Warren Cooper. Cooper reveals he let Jake out of his car, and CCTV shows Sean Ellis helping Jake from the scene. Ellis, as revealed by his girlfriend Gina Ramos, was in debt to his gang leader of the Easy Eights although Ellis later dies from his injuries while being taken to the hospital. Through CCTV and a car with stolen plates, the team manage to track down where Jake is being held, saving him after a shootout. As the Osbornes are reunited, Castille confronts Dan and expresses her anger at him for lying to her with Dan insisting he needed the money to help save Jake. Even though Dan begs her to look the other way, on Castille's signal, Scola and Ryder arrive into Osborne's room and arrest him, handcuffing him to his hospital bed.

  • This is the first episode where Alana De La Garza (Isobel Castille) receives the "With" credit.
3614"Studio Gangster"Alex ChappleRick EidJanuary 28, 2020 (2020-01-28)FBI2149.26[53]
The media go into a frenzy when the body of US attorney Scott Conway is found dead steps away from the body of a prostitute, Maya Depriest, accusing the two of having sex, much to the dismay of Conway's widow and Jubal's disgust. The FBI must piece together what really happened, which leads them to rapper Big Tracy who joined the 718 gang for publicity. Jubal's connection with one of the victims makes finding the killer personal as it's revealed that he arrested Maya's mother, Christina for drug possession and later personally goes to notify Christina that her daughter has been murdered. Conway was later revealed to have been killed in an attempt to save Depriest from her assailant. The FBI get Big Tracy to work for them, and he discovers cocaine in Thumper's girlfriend's house. After a failed attempt to reconcile with Thumper, Tracy meets him again after Thumper expresses regret. In the process, he reveals that he killed Maya and the FBI move in to arrest him. Jubal also gives Thumper's girlfriend a fighting chance.
3715"Legacy"Carl SeatonClaire DemorestFebruary 11, 2020 (2020-02-11)FBI2158.93[54]
A truck transferring armor-piercing bullets is hijacked and the crime is traced back to Sulaiman Mansor, the leader of a terrorist group O.A. thought he helped kill years ago. The airstrike that supposedly killed Mansor was called in by an old friend of O.A., Terry Brooks, who O.A. learns did not confirm Mansor was in the building before the strike, having only assumed he was, a move that leaves O.A. angry at Brooks and believing that the mission which soon saw him being promoted to the FBI was just a lie. Castille, Jubal and O.A. later meet with the FBI Director along with members from other federal agencies and the military, the director revealing that details of this investigation are to remain highly classified for national security reasons. Upon exploring a container, DNA evidence reveals that Mansor who was thought to have died is in fact alive and has arrived in the United States with other members of his NIA organization, Mansor seeking revenge against those who ordered the air strike that killed his family. O.A. soon realizes Mansor and his team are heading to West Point where a ceremony is being held with General Carson, one of the military officers who ordered the strike in attendance. Arriving at the entrance, Maggie and O.A. discover that Mansor and his men have already invaded the area, having killed two military police officers to gain access with Maggie informing her colleagues they need to take Mansor and his men down quickly and quietly and that the bulletproof vests they're all wearing won't hold due to the group having armor-piercing rounds in their possession. Splitting up, the agents along with the FBI SWAT team head to West Point, arresting Mansor's men one by one with Kristen even helping, Jubal having allowed her to rejoin the team. O.A. later fatally shoots Mansor just as the terrorist disguised as a military police officer is about to approach General Carson.
3816"Safe Room"Carlos BernardRick Eid & Joe HalpinFebruary 18, 2020 (2020-02-18)FBI2179.22[55]
Chloe Ford, the daughter of billionaire Nathan Ford, is kidnapped just outside the gates of her home, but the FBI team finds her in under three hours. She and her kidnapper, Mike Helton, are locked in a safe room in the house of a real estate owner with Helton revealing he kidnapped Chloe to prove a point, noting that when a rich kid is abducted, the FBI work fast but when a poor kid gets taken, they take their time. With Jubal on site, leading the hostage negotiations, the team discover that Helton's daughter, Stephanie Rice was kidnapped weeks ago and remains unfound. Helton demands that the FBI find his daughter in the 2 hours, 45 minutes it took them to find Chloe or he will kill Chloe. The team discover Stephanie was abducted and is part of a sex trafficking ring with the team raiding one house they manage to find by tracking the flight of a pigeon with Stephanie being found. However, she is in critical condition and is hospitalised. After reaching the deadline, Jubal has the SWAT team storm the safe room and Helton is shot while Chloe is rescued. Eventually, Jubal shows Helton proof that Stephanie's alive and has woken up but Helton's fate is left uncertain as he immediately codes with paramedics working on him while Jubal looks on with it never being revealed if Helton managed to survive or if he died from his wounds.
3917"Broken Promises"Olivia NewmanTamara JaronMarch 10, 2020 (2020-03-10)FBI2168.30[56]
The shooting of prosecutor Nicole Mitchell at a climate rally hints at a political motive, and the team initially suspects her ex-boyfriend Todd Conroy, but is cleared with an alibi. As more bodies pile up and O.A.'s girlfriend is among those targeted, they realise this is a personal vendetta over sixteen-year-old Alex Bryant being sent to prison on trumped up charges. The different upbringings of O.A. and Mona cause their relationship to start to fracture. The team conclude that Bryant's father, Roman, is responsible, killing everyone he deemed responsible for Alex being sent to prison and ultimately ruining his son's future. They manage to disarm while holds a hostage, in a failed attempt to kill Alex's friend Benny Delgado. Maggie is offered a new assignment that would take her away from the New York office, but she is hesitant to tell O. A. When she eventually does, she reassures him she will be back.
4018"American Dreams"Terry MillerDavid AmannMarch 24, 2020 (2020-03-24)FBI21810.67[57]

When a school bus with 26 elementary students is hijacked, the FBI race against time to find them. With Maggie away on her undercover mission, Jess LaCroix of the FBI Fugitive Taskforce and his team of Agents Sheryll Barnes, Hana Gibson and Kenny Crosby join the New York team. They learn the mastermind is white supremacist Tyler Kane and that he's holding the children at a closed amusement park which Jubal eventually realizes translates to P.T. or Play Town after a video showing Owen Jamison using sign language to communicate is post online. Storming the park, the FBI team rescue the children while Kane is later wounded during a confrontation between himself and O.A. In the aftermath, O.A. and Jess realize that Owen's father, Roger paid the ransom and got his son back, causing them to discover that Tyler's wife, Emma who escaped now has the money and that whatever her husband planned is something she's going through with, causing O.A. to grimly realize this isn't over. As they leave the Jamison house, Jess receives a video call from his young daughter, Talia, informing him that the food bank where she volunteers is being raided by ICE agents with Tali being detained on suspicions of being an illegal immigrant due to her skin color, ending the episode in a cliffhanger.

This episode begins a crossover event that concludes on FBI: Most Wanted season 1 episode 9. Julian McMahon (Jess LaCroix), Kellan Lutz (Kenny Crosby), Roxy Sternberg (Sheryll Barnes) and Keisha-Castle Hughes (Hana Gibson) are credited as Special Guest Stars.
4119"Emotional Rescue"Monica RaymundRick Eid & Joe HalpinMarch 31, 2020 (2020-03-31)FBI21910.85[58]

When foreign graduate student, Arman Patel, an Indian national, is murdered during a drug deal gone bad, the team investigate and with Maggie still away, Chicago PD Detective Hailey Upton (guest star Tracy Spiridakos) temporarily joins the team as a part of the FBI's interagency training program, becoming O.A.'s temporary partner with Upton discovering her own methods clash with the Bureau's by-the-book environment. They soon discover that Patel's roommate, Lucas Reed, was in dealings with the Chicago-based gang, the Latin Players with Upton managing to unsettle one of the members into making a phone call by informing she will contact her colleagues back in Chicago and have them arrest every member of the Players with the gang even possibly coming to suspect that the man Upton and O.A. "snitched" on them. Upton's attempts to rattle the man have them making a phone call to his associates. The team realize Reed was meant to deliver the drugs to the Latin Players. Eventually, they speak to Reed's girlfriend, Harper Quinlan who isn't willing to cooperate with them but Upton, drawing upon her own experience of abuse manages to get Quinlan to work for them which she does by wearing a wire and meeting with Reed, hoping to get the location but Reed dies in the attempt, O.A. being forced to shoot him. Harper soon discovers her father, Tom, has been kidnapped and will die if the drugs aren't brought to the location with Upton later finding the drugs stashed between the seats of the Range Rover they took from the scene much to the surprise of both O.A. and Scola, Upton even revealing to the two she has an informant in Chicago who modifies cars like that. Gathering at the pier, the team watch as the exchange between Harper and the members of the Players goes down and they soon manage to save Tom Quinlan with Harper reuniting with her father while the men who held Tom prisoner are arrested. Once the case has been solved, O.A. and Upton head out to celebrate with a beer.

  • This episode picks up after the Chicago P.D. episode "Lines" It also marks the final appearance of both Ebonee Noel (Kristen Chazal) and Catherine Haena Kim (Emily Ryder) while marking the first and only appearance of Tracy Spiridakos (Hailey Upton) who is also credited as a Special Guest Star.

Season 3 (2020–21)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
U.S. viewers
421"Never Trust a Stranger"Alex ChappleRick EidNovember 17, 2020 (2020-11-17)FBI3018.21[59]

The team welcomes newcomer Tiffany Wallace, who is partnered with Scola as it's revealed that Kristen has moved to Dallas, Texas to begin working at the FBI field office there, news that Jubal reveals to Castille. As Maggie returns from her undercover assignment, reuniting with O.A. and Scola while also meeting Wallace for the first time, they investigate when a group of employees at a media house are fatally shot with the case complicating when O. A.'s informant, Zayne Wells, is revealed to have been the driver for the shooters. Zayne flees when O. A. and Maggie attempt to meet him, taking seven people hostage. They track a second assailant, who Wallace manages to stop before he enters the target location. O. A. goes in and manages to talk Zayne into surrendering.

  • This episode marks the debut appearance of Katherine Renee Kane (or "Katherine Renee Turner" in the opening credits up until FBI Season 5) (Tiffany Wallace).
432"Unreasonable Doubt"Jean de SegonzacTom SzentgyorgyiNovember 24, 2020 (2020-11-24)FBI3028.39[60]
The discovery of three murdered women in a lake in Westchester County, makes Jubal revisit an old case he investigated eight years ago where Cory McMay was convicted for allegedly murdering a woman in a similar way, Jubal later commenting he wasn't sober during that investigation and spent nearly every day there, drunk while even hiding vodka in his cup. Bell and O.A. are handed the old case to revisit it, but do not discover anything new. Castille and a former colleague of Jubal, Rina Trenholm, questions his intentions with revisiting the case. As another victim is discovered, Jubal decides to prove McMay's innocence. The team discovers that McMay's DNA was found on the recent victim, but he has been in prison the last eight years. They discover that Peter Deleon, whose car was allegedly stolen by the killer, received a bone transplant from McMay to treat his leukaemia when he was a boy, resulting in McMay's DNA being a part of his body. With Deleon arrested, Jubal initiates the process to have McMay released from prison and during a meeting with Trenholm, reveals how he started going to AA meetings: the night he and Rina broke up, Rina unwilling to be Jubal's mistress and Jubal also reluctant to tell his wife, Sam, about Rina herself, Jubal got so wasted he blacked out, awakening the next morning in his car that was in his driveway, Jubal unable to remember how he had even gotten there. He soon found a huge dent on the car along with a lot of blood and due to no hit and runs being reported, came to suspect that it had been an animal he had struck with the incident prompting him to start attending AA meetings and eventually get sober.
443"Liar's Poker"Alex ChappleJoe HalpinDecember 8, 2020 (2020-12-08)FBI3036.71[61]
Upon arriving in New York, drug cartel leader Antonio Vargas's driver kills an NYPD officer while on a traffic stop. The FBI are called in to apprehend Vargas, but an explosion in one of his warehouses wounds several SWAT members. During interrogation, Vargas reveals he warned SWAT members of explosives, but was not believed. Fellow agent, Elise Taylor, is later kidnapped at gunpoint and sent to the FBI's New York office with a bomb around her neck, Elise remaining in the lobby of the building as Scola comforts her. Vargas's men demand his release or the bomb will detonate. Due to the dangers of the situation, Castille orders that the JOC in 26 Fed be evacuated, Jubal and tech analysts Kelly Moran and Ian Lim volunteering to stay behind to continue to retrieving information concerning the case. Despite her and Assistant Deputy Director Reynolds's best efforts, Castille reluctantly decides to let Vargas go in exchange for the bomb's code, risking her job in the process. The bomb reaches six seconds before the timer stops and Elise is released. At a press conference, Castille vows to bring Vargas to justice.
454"Crazy Love"Jean de SegonzacRick Eid & Tamara JaronJanuary 24, 2021 (2021-01-24)FBI3048.99[62]
A shooting at a quinceañera, leaves a 15 year old girl and her mother dead in what seems to be a racially motived crime. However, as the FBI digs deeper, they uncover that a waiter, Gabriel Ochoa, was the intended target by the Latin Players Queens leader Jose Martinez. Ochoa was targeted after Martinez found out that his girlfriend Valentina, was seeing him. Ochoa is lured to a meeting place to supposedly meet Valentina, but is ambushed and killed by Martinez. The FBI brings in his girlfriend and make her an informant to get closer to Martinez. However, Nestor Vertiz's RICO investigation into Martinez forces Castille to put their investigation on hold for five days as there will be a meeting with every gang member there. However as Valentina's situation gets more dangerous, Vertiz allows Maggie's team to move in to secure Valentina and apprehend Martinez.
465"Clean Slate"Rose TrocheClaire DemorestJanuary 26, 2021 (2021-01-26)FBI3058.27[63]
Five year old Grace Harris is kidnapped from her parents' cabin while they're out by a campfire with friends. A man in the area, Don Kirkpatrick, reveals to the FBI he saw someone forcibly drag Grace from the scene. Suspicions turn to Grace's father, Ben, who is revealed to have changed his legal name from earlier after having been arrested for murdering ten year old Lucy Parkin when he was twelve. They conclude that her brother, Ray, is out to seek revenge after his family fell apart in the wake of Lisa's death, his mother having killed herself while his father began drinking and died from liver problems. Maggie and O. A. stop Ben after he tries to escape to pay a ransom for his daughter. His wife, Rhonda, takes matters into her own hands and tries to negotiate with Parkin, but he is shot once the FBI arrive on scene. They track Grace to a motel, and eventually find her in the trunk of Parkin's roommate's car.
476"Uncovered"Alex ChappleKristy LowreyFebruary 9, 2021 (2021-02-09)FBI3067.72[64]
Armoured robbers steal a small ammonia tank from a harbour, leaving two toll officers dead and one severely injured, who manages to injure one of the perpetrators. The FBI identify the injured perpetrator as Damon Marshall, and manage to corner him at his mother's house before he is shot by Maggie and falls to his death. They start tracking down the second perpetrator, who through undercover work with the gang unit, manage to identify him as Clint Helms. Helms refuses to cooperate, while Scola and Wallace capture another man at an abandoned warehouse. They also uncover that the gang is not making meth, but a bomb. The third perpetrator, Ronny Wilkinson, plans to bomb a federal building. Vertiz brings him to O. A. and Maggie who try to defuse the bomb. Though reluctant, Wilkinson eventually gives up the deactivation switch's location within the car. Maggie decides against moving in with Vertiz after he presents her with a new apartment.
487"Discord"Carlos BernardAndy CallahanMarch 2, 2021 (2021-03-02)FBI3077.36[65]
Congressman Logan Reed is shot and killed at his home after a brick is thrown through his window. The FBI quickly link activist Damian Thomas to Reed, whom he disliked, but he has an alibi for the time of the murder. Thomas provides them with intel of the murder of Marcus Ervin, who was murdered in a similar way. They conclude Reed and Ervin were killed by the same person. Wallace clashes with Thomas's daughter over her stance with the black community. The team tracks down Cody McGowan who beat Ervin as revenge for his brother's imprisonment. A vigil is held for Damian Thomas after he is also murdered by the assailant. McGowan reveals his car and gun were taken by someone else, and the team deduces the person responsible for the killings is his mother, Janine who's seeking revenge for Cody's brother being in a coma after he was assaulted while in prison, Thomas and his daughter, Laila having worked to put Cody in prison after he was filmed attacking Marcus Ervin. Scola and Wallace arrest Janine at the vigil before she can shoot Laila Thomas.
498"Walk the Line"Mykelti WilliamsonRick EidMarch 9, 2021 (2021-03-09)FBI3087.66[66]
A car bomb detonates in a street after another car with a loudspeaker causes a distraction a block away. After some initial investigation, the FBI narrows in on a suspect pool of a Middle Eastern restaurant owner, Hassan Ali, and his associates. Rina Trenholm steps into to assist, calling on an informant of hers, Vega Assad, to help but he surprisingly refuses. They convince him otherwise in exchange for full citizenship, but he again backs down. O. A. struggles to satisfy the bureau and protect Vega simultaneously. Via Ali's restaurant security footage, they discover the real suspect, Philip Stafford, whose business was filed for bankruptcy. They corner him after he narrows down his sister-in-law as his next target. Stafford resists, and is shot by Scola. Castille and Trenholm confront O. A. about the Vega operation, and he is sent to arrest him prior to subsequent deportation.
509"Leverage"John PolsonErica MeredithMarch 16, 2021 (2021-03-16)FBI3098.07[67]
Political journalist Addie Ricard is kidnapped while on the way home. The FBI learns from a former cop turned private investigator that she was involved with political higher-ups, having had a discussion with Senator Walter Hoffman's chief of staff, Ethan Shaw, Isobel Castille's boyfriend. Shaw reveals their conversation was about how to sort the message to the press about Hoffman's relationship with Ricard. The FBI identify Ricard's kidnapper as Viktor Branislav, the nephew of property developer Sergei Ivanovic. Shaw, while wearing a wire, learns from Senator Hoffman that Ricard was kidnapped in retaliation for his inability to take action in a property of interest development process. The senator plans to give Ivanovic a ransom to rescue Ricard, which the FBI follows. Branislav tries to escape, but is killed, while Ivanovic and Senator Hoffman are arrested. Ricard is found alive in Branislav's car. Castille goes home to see Ethan leaving with a bag filled with clothes. Ethan tells Isobel that he will stay in a hotel for the time being, wanting to be alone.
5110"Checks and Balances"Stephen SurjikTamara Jaron & Claire DemorestApril 6, 2021 (2021-04-06)FBI3108.07[68]
Howard Kirkland, a security officer who notably patrolled the 26 Fed, is shot and killed in a bank robbery, shocking and devastating his fellow FBI colleagues. The FBI is assisted by the NYPD, and track down the original robbers. One of them, Justin Maynard, gives them an alibi for him in his partner, thereby making the actual robbers copycats. Scola and Wallace collide on the issue of having her former superior, Frank Dixon, and his partner Roger Palmer, involved in the investigation. The tension between the two only increases when evidence suggests that Palmer was involved. Another detective, Kyle Webb, is also revealed to be involved, but is killed before he can answer further questions. Dixon reveals to Wallace and Scola that he filed a witness report for him and Palmer to give the latter an alibi, having essentially obstructed the investigation. Palmer is arrested, and Scola decides to not pursue an obstruction charge against Dixon.
5211"Brother's Keeper"Alex ChappleTom SzentgyorgyiApril 27, 2021 (2021-04-27)FBI3117.57[69]
ATF Group supervisor Henry Lasher, is injured when a package bomb detonates in his own home, killing his husband Russel Griffin in the process. The FBI connect the bombing with Mark Frazier, who becomes a person of interest. Frazier reveals that a rant blog post made by someone with the username FB33 the FBI has discovered, was posted by his brother, Richard, who is mentally unstable. Richard was diagnosed with paranoia schizophrenia years ago. When he is later asked to come in for further questioning, Mark escapes and buys cigarettes for his brother and to meet him in Times Square. However, they arrest him and Richard escapes. Frazier reveals his brother is targeting anyone or anything related to an artificial intelligence program, Aurora, because he fears machines are taking over from humans. The FBI corner him at the program's lab, and Richard escapes into a restaurant, holding his last stand. Maggie manages to talk Richard into surrendering. Maggie also deals with the recent arrival of her sister, Erin, in New York, where she is studying. However, she grows skeptical and suspects Erin is on drugs again, and is proven right when she discovers pills in Erin's dorm. Maggie promises Erin to be by her side when she reenters rehab.
5312"Fathers and Sons"Stephen SurjikRick Eid & Joe HalpinMay 4, 2021 (2021-05-04)FBI3128.08[70]
Doctor Nicole Wright is abducted near the hospital she works at, and the FBI, along with the NYPD, soon discover that another doctor, Lucas Caldwell, was also abducted from his home by the same person. The kidnapper is later revealed to be a former Mexican soldier, Octavio Diaz, who kidnapped the doctors to conduct a kidney surgery on his twelve year old son, Tony. As the FBI stake out the property, Diaz spots the snipers and opens fire. He wants another doctor to assist Wright after Caldwell is shot. Jubal goes in undercover as a doctor himself after disagreements with Castille. Though hesitant, he is forced to pull aside for the snipers to get a shot on Diaz. Caldwell and Tony are rushed to the hospital. Jubal learns from his ex-wife, Samantha, that his son, Tyler, has been feeling sick, which is later revealed to be caused by leukaemia, news that leaves Jubal stunned although he informs Maggie the doctors say it's curable, given it was discovered at an early stage.
5413"Short Squeeze"Joanna KernsRick Eid & Joe HalpinMay 11, 2021 (2021-05-11)FBI3137.69[71]
Wall Street CEO of Regular Joe, Tim Davis, is murdered while outside the SEC while talking to protesters. Protester Paul Winters's recording of the shooting, points the FBI in the direction of Elliot Plank, who they apprehend shortly after searching his home. Scola confronts Kix CEO Nathan Gold, who was present at the protest against Davis's company, putting his job on the line. Scola is knocked out by a new assailant and Gold is kidnapped. The new assailant's motives are revealed to be against Kix, alleging the company's anti-cancer work to be fraudulent. Wallace and Scola question another company CEO, Gunner Crenshaw, who reveals one of his employees, Nick Wilkes, had an interest in Kix. The FBI deduce Wilkes to have kidnapped Gold, holding him hostage at a silo. Wilkes demands Kix's chief scientific officer to admit the company is fraudulent, but she refuses, citing her and the company's reputation. Instead, Castille goes in disguised as her, and shortly after giving a false confession of fraud, Wilkes is arrested. Later, Jubal, who is still worrying about his son's leukaemia diagnosis, confronts Gold about the validity of his company's research, though Gold insists his company's work is legitimate.
5514"Trigger Effect"Monica RaymundAndy Callahan & Tamara Jaron & Kristy LowreyMay 18, 2021 (2021-05-18)FBI3147.59[72]
A shooting in a local restaurant in Morningside Heights leave several people dead and multiple injured. The FBI discovers that the target was lawyer Frank Olsen, who recently had fired a lawyer, Neil Jacobs, who ended up suing his firm for wrongful firing. Jacobs however proves to have an alibi despite having a record of harassing Olsen. Their focus turn to Fraudster, a company whose aim is to reveal people's darker secrets, after the assailant kidnaps its chief, Maria Muños. They track her location to her home, only to find her dead. The FBI learns that Olsen's firm partner, Bob Avery, was fired after alleged pictures of him being published, implying him to be a pedophile. Avery targets Jacobs, but he survives with minor injuries. The FBI corner Avery at his son's school, where he takes a girl hostage, and his son, Josh, refuses to talk to him. Bell manages to tackle Avery before he can commit suicide. Maggie also convinces Elise to seek counseling after the latter expresses suffering from trauma from her bomb incident and a possible addiction to the medication she takes. Elise later goes to talk with Jubal in the conference room.
5615"Straight Flush"Alex ChappleTeleplay by : Rick Eid & Joe Halpin
Story by : Claire Demorest & Heather Michaels
May 25, 2021 (2021-05-25)FBI3157.08[73]
Castille and the New York office are forced to return their focus to Durango drug leader Antonio Vargas after his biological son, Felix Serrano, is murdered in a trendy hotel along with four other wealthy men during a poker game. Maggie reconnects with Elise who reveals that she has been assigned to the White Collar division, presumably after telling Jubal she has developed an addiction to the anti-anixety medication she's been taking. Castille's team arrest Miguel Rojas for the murders, who is revealed to be a Durango lieutenant going against Vargas. They have him wear a wire upon Vargas's return, but he shoots him before he is arrested. Rita Trenholm is made acting assistant director, and causes friction with Castille and Jubal over relaying ongoing information. Castille dispatches Bell and Zidan to Mexico to use Vargas's wife and younger son as leverage against him. Vargas reveals that three bombs have been planted in Grand Central Station. As OA creates a distraction outside, Bell sneaks into Vargas's house and films his wife and younger son, which Castille uses against Vargas, forcing him to give up the code for the bombs, and he is subsequently arrested. Trenholm is offered the assistant director position permanently, which she accepts, while also secretly entering a relationship with Jubal.

Season 4 (2021–22)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date [15]Prod.
code [15]
U.S. viewers
571"All That Glitters"Alex ChappleTeleplay by : Rick Eid
Story by : Dick Wolf & Rick Eid
September 21, 2021 (2021-09-21)FBI4017.12[74]

A man is murdered in Budapest, and the shooter re-emerges in New York where he shoots a woman, Nicole Wyatt dead after she has attended a yacht party. The FBI team uncovers that Wyatt was the pimp in an underage sex trafficking ring, targeting rich men. The girl she was with before being murdered, Julia Walcott, is reported missing, but later re-emerges before being kidnapped by the shooter. However, Julia is soon found at a warehouse, injured, having been shot twice in the chest and later dies while on the way to the hospital although not before she urges O.A. to find her friend, Sunny. The Most Wanted team's Kenny Crosby soon joins Bell and Zidan in taking down the kidnapper, former veteran Curt Williams, but is left severely injured, a move that soon has Bell clashing with Crosby's supervisor, agent Jess LaCroix. Williams identifies Nathan Tate as the culprit, but as Maggie, OA, Scola and Tiffany prepare to arrest him, he is fatally shot by an unknown individual and thrown from his office building, O.A. identifying Tate due to the gold watch he's wearing on his left wrist.

This episode begins a crossover event that continues on the season 3 premiere of FBI: Most Wanted and concludes on the pilot episode of FBI: International. Julian McMahon (Jess LaCroix) and Kellan Lutz (Kenny Crosby) are credited as Special Guest Stars.
582"Hacktivist"Jean de SegonzacClaire DemorestSeptember 28, 2021 (2021-09-28)FBI4027.37[75]
New York Children's Hospital is put on system lockdown after suffering from a cyberattack. Jubal's son, Tyler, is also being treated there. The FBI soon learns the demand from the hacker, which is unusual with it being for them to track down an alleged serial killer, who has killed recently discharged patients from a psychiatric hospital. They stop a man, Jason Cooke, who planted the malware at six other hospitals as well. Through patient records, they narrow the hacker to be Lydia Ryan, who sent complaints following her roommate's death. She refuses to lift the hack despite Jubal bringing his son up. Subsequently they pinpoint the psychiatric hospital's Secretary assistant, John Maguire (born Mullen), as the suspect. Wallace and Scola prevent him from killing another recently discharged suspect, and the FBI corners him in a storage facility. Initially Ryan accuses them of manipulation, until Maggie convince her by mentioning her own sister's rehab. Tyler goes through a successful surgery after power is returned to the hospital while Trenholm informs Bell and Castille Ryan will be charged with murder due to an eleven year old girl dying from a collapsed lung which the doctors couldn't detect due to the equipment being off at the time.
593"Trauma"Alex ChappleJoe WebbOctober 5, 2021 (2021-10-05)FBI4036.71[76]
A bomb detonates at the Federal Courthouse, having been planted in the bag back belonging to a young boy. Surveillance cameras help the FBI in identifying the suspect as Ryan Davis, a veteran. Despite refusing to talk to them, further background checks lead the FBI to a veterans club, the Garrison Lounge, who has also been on the ATF's radar. Castille asks O. A. to ask his friend, fellow veteran Chris Zapata, to go into the club with a wire to get them an inside view of the club. Facial recognition from Zapata's button cam, lead them to the bomb maker, Victor Maxwell. Furious that there was not enough evidence to take down the club owner, Nick Hawthorne, Zapata returns to the club and takes Hawthorne hostage. Despite surrendering, Zapata shoots and kills Hawthorne by shooting him three times in the chest as he tries to disarm him, leaving OA stunned and Bell arresting Zapata.
604"Know Thyself"Tim BusfieldTeleplay by : Joe Halpin
Story by : Jen Frosch
October 12, 2021 (2021-10-12)FBI4046.75[77]
The murder and subsequent discovery of Rob Holden, leads the FBI to track down a serial killer who prays on young homeless black men, with a spree lasting the last two weeks. The killer's description matches Isaac Jones, but despite this, he's quickly ruled out as a suspect, but is later found dead at the hands of the killer. Scola discovers that Tiffany's cousin, Terrence, was at the club where Holden was before being killed, setting the suspicion on him. Off the record, Tiffany learns that Terrence suspects he is gay, which was why he went to the club. Suspicion against him increases when the FBI learns that a blue van, which is also owned by Terrence's church, was used in kidnapping the victims, as confirmed by a victim who escaped. Tracking the whereabouts of the club's guard, Greg Robinson, the FBI determines that he was at the forest dumping sight. Scola discovers another victim nearly alive, as Robinson arrives and attempts to kill him, but is stopped by Wallace with both Robinson and his victim later dying from their respective injuries. Castille gives her a warning for taking part in an investigation with a conflict of interest. Scola and Wallace agree to talk more and be more open in their partnership.
615"Charlotte's Web"Yangzom BrauenClaire Demorest & Heather MichaelsNovember 2, 2021 (2021-11-02)FBI4066.99[78]
Charlotte Kincade is kidnapped from her suburban home while her husband, Alex, is away in Newport. As the FBI's New York Office look into the case, they quickly discover that Alex was not being honest about his Newport trip being business related, and that he saw another woman, Jamie Barker, with whom he had an affair with. Looking through Charlotte's last movements, they discover she was chased away from an ATM by Grant King, who reveals the "chase" was a mere fantasy experience, and Charlotte was played by another woman. The New York Office also discovers that Charlotte was a member of the same sex club as King, which her husband was not aware of. They identify the suspect as high school drop out, Andrew Frazier who escapes as Scola and Wallace attempt to apprehend him. The team also uncovers a house with specifically decorated rooms to his victims, one of them being Brenda Mason whose remains are later found in the refrigerator at her house. With Alex's help, the team track down Frazier to an inn which Alex and Charlotte once visited. O. A. soon discovers Fraiser holding Charlotte hostage in a room in the inn and convinces him to release her with Maggie escorting her to safety but when Frazier attempts to turn the knife he was holding on himself, O.A. manages to disarm and subdue Andrew while telling him he'll have to answer for his crimes. Despite Mona's suggestion for him to change careers, O. A. remains firm on working for the FBI.
626"Allegiance"John PolsonKeith EisnerNovember 9, 2021 (2021-11-09)FBI4057.17[79]

NYPD detective James Gerrard from the 27th Precinct is shot and killed outside a bar. Soon after, a fellow detective, Aaron Dane, from the same precinct is shot, but survives. The FBI take in career criminal Rafael Alvarez, who explains that he gave a warning to Gerrard and Dane about money they stole from a raid, that belongs to a crime family. They learn that another detective, Pat Rudinsky, was sent to prison after having been forced to take $10,000 of said money, having also told the truth to his son, Ray, who is also identified as the killer, taking out police members that were involved in sending his father to prison. Ray takes Wallace and officer Michelle Ruiz hostage and demands to see Dane. Dane and fellow detectives arrive on scene, but are held back. After Ruiz reveals the truth of her involvement in his father's case, the FBI storm the residence with Ray later dying while he and Tiffany wrestle for control of the gun Ray has. Wallace later decides to open a case against Ruiz and others involved in the case.

Note: This episode refers the 27th Police Precinct, which is the location of Law & Order.
637"Gone Baby Gone"Eif RiveraZach CaligNovember 16, 2021 (2021-11-16)FBI4077.61[80]
Lucia Diaz is abducted from her daycare centre, while on the surface, her parents seem to have a clean record. However, her mother, Jenny, later steals jewellery from a former nanny employer in order to help her husband, Hugo, pay of a debt he owes to the Queensbridge local Latin Kings leader, Ricky Moreno. Wallace and Scola find Hugo in a park, high on drugs prior to his meeting with Moreno. He cooperates with the FBI and wears a wire while meeting Moreno. Maggie is distracted when she learns that her sister, Erin, has overdosed, resulting in a narrow escape for Moreno, who shoots Hugo and a police officer in the process and even though the police officer survives, Hugo subsequently dies from his injuries. O. A. discharges her from the mission so she can tend to her sister. A previously interrogated suspect, Tito Velasquez, is revealed to have been a look out for Moreno, and Castille convinces him to reveal the former's location. The FBI storms the warehouse, arrest Moreno and his goons and save Lucia. At the hospital, Maggie receives a visit from Jubal who informs her had the officer died, she would have been out of a job. He also tells her that she needs to make some hard choices and that what happened out on the street the previous day cannot happen again. Once Erin has regained consciousness, Maggie decides to distance herself from Erin while she undergoes a second round of rehab.
648"Fire and Rain"Sharat RajuRick EidDecember 7, 2021 (2021-12-07)FBI4087.03[81]
Elliot Young, a former veteran and bomb technician, is shot in his home and manages to crawl outside before dying. The FBI and NYPD discover a hidden lab in his basement, used for making bombs. A stolen car leads them to Hannah Thompson, whose boyfriend, Alberto, is revealed to be a part of a Venezuelan socialist revolutionary movement, and real name being Felix Ramos. Thompson meets his friend Ernesto, to deliver money for their staged film company, before the FBI intervenes. A second meeting puts Thompson face-to-face with Carlos "the Jackal" Velez, who attempts to force her into a car. The team tracks down Ramos, who reveals a bomb has been planted at Thompson's workplace. Scola uses Ramos's brother Pablo, as leverage for him to give up the code. Although this works and the bomb is disarmed, Scola is berated by Trenholm and Castille for his tactics. Afterwards, Wallace encourages him to move forward from thoughts of his brother having died on 9/11, and he finally decides to meet his brother's wife again.
659"Unfinished Business"Alex ChappleTeleplay by : Joe Halpin
Story by : Joe Halpin & J.F. Halpin
December 14, 2021 (2021-12-14)FBI4098.31[82]
Trenholm is shot when she and Jubal are about to head to work, being left in a critical condition as the New York field office scrambles to identify who was responsible for the attack. Through her surveillance footage, Jubal and the team discover that someone followed her to work one day, a man named Castlewood, who is revealed to be working for someone higher up whom both he and another associate, Logan Winters, won't cross. Winters manage to evade the FBI at multiple turns. Despite ATF objections, Jubal gets a warrant for them to search a gun store owned by Bill McCain who the team later discover hiding in an area in the store. McCain reveals that Winters and their higher up, were both in the same prison prior to the former's release. McCain had also been tasked to build several automatic gun boxes with built in facial recognition that would target all FBI agents involved in a case, including Castille and Jubal as well as their families. They learn that the one who orchestrated the assassination of Trenholm is Antonio Vargas, whom they had previously locked up. When Castille and Jubal confront him, Vargas reveals his motives for doing so is revenge against the FBI and that after Maggie and OA left the town Vargas's wife and young son were living in, the hyenas moved in and killed the two, hanging their remains on a bridge in Mexico and that even if they try to stop him, he will always send someone after them and won't stop until they're all dead or have felt the same pain he's experiencing over the murders of his family. They also interrogate another inmate who's doing a year for tax evasion and find a cell phone in his cell belonging to Vargas, the man stating he had no choice but to find the phone or risk having himself and his family killed. The team manage to corner Winters, who takes a hostage with Maggie volunteering herself, something Winters rejects. OA later shoots Winters with Jubal tending to Winters and as Winters begins reciting a Hail Mary, Jubal tells him that if he wants to make peace with God, he needs to tell the other man where he placed the boxes which Winters does. At the hospital, Jubal has a tense confrontation with Trenholm's ex-husband who tells him that as much as he'd like to lay this at Jubal's feet, this isn't his fault and it's merely something that happen before he heads off, leaving Jubal staring into Trenholm's hospital room where it's shown that even though she has pulled through her surgeries, she is also on a ventilator to help her breathe and presumably in a medically-induced coma after she suffered a brain haemorrhage during one of her surgeries.
6610"Fostered"Stephen SurjikJoe Webb & York WalkerJanuary 4, 2022 (2022-01-04)FBI4108.52[83]
Armed robbers rob a jewellery store, killing the shop owner and a woman in their escape. The FBI manage to find several stolen fake watches in a box in a pawn shop, where the shop owner was killed. Nearby traffic cameras point to 16 year old Jamal Carter who was the last person to carry the box. The FBI's suspicions turn to his three older brothers, and with permission from child services, have him wear a wire to his house. The connection is lost for a brief second, but Bell and Wallace have a hard time getting Jamal to tell them the truth of what happened. The FBI discover a secret room in his foster father's room, containing weapons of different sorts. They deduce that he assisted the older brothers in the robberies. He and the brothers rob a bank and hold people hostage. Through their escape, they send out smoke grenades as a distraction, but are still caught. Scola reveals to Bell that Wallace was the officer who shot Jamal's biological father on Christmas Eve seven years ago, something she feels guilty about.
6711"Grief"Matthew McLootaKeith EisnerJanuary 11, 2022 (2022-01-11)FBI4118.45[84]
Jubal arrives at the hospital, only to discover that Trenholm died the previous night after her parents who had the power of medical attorney decided to have her life support discontinued. The FBI team investigates the recent abduction of 19 year old Angela Mullins, and track the car she was dumped in to Long Island, where a victim escapes but is hit by a truck. The victim is identified as Cassidy Drabeck, who had been reported missing by her father for four months and who is angry at the NYPD and FBI for not doing more into the investigation concerning his daughter's disappearance. Further evidence establishes a club owner, Beth Paige, as an accomplice to kidnapper, Doyle Buckler, whom Paige tries to protect. Buckler's motive is retaliation against his first date, Darcy Edmonds who broke his heart, by kidnapping girls who share a similar appearance to her. Jubal takes a personal interest in securing justice for Cassidy's father, Phillip but he is outraged for Buckler having to wait a year before trial. During the case, Jubal reunites with Trenholm's mother, Nicole and gives her a box containing her daughter's belongings. After Buckler's arrest and hospitalisation, a vengeful Phillip arrives at the hospital and takes a young woman hostage, demanding that Buckler be handed over to him, before Jubal uses his hostage negotiation skills to talk Phillip into surrendering. Later, Jubal returns to the office where Trenholm worked and breaks down in tears, devastated over his girlfriend's death.
6812"Under Pressure"Brenna MalloyClaire DemorestFebruary 1, 2022 (2022-02-01)FBI4127.54[85]
Maggie goes undercover at a bar, after its owner, Colin McConnell, suspects some of its customers, schemes about utilising bombs in attacks that previously killed an NYPD inspector. The councilman for the district, Doug Archer, is killed in another bombing at his office. Jubal and the rest of the team track the delivery man, Brian Markham, who reveals another man gave him the package in exchange for 100$ dollars. The man is identified as one of the extremists, Eric Park. Despite a rejection from McConnell to wear a wire, Maggie decides to plant listening devices in a private room in the bar, which is later made by the extremists. As their leader, Dominic Lawson, heads to warn McConnell, Maggie and O.A. rush to stop him, arresting him. Park and James Wright, drive a truck to a shelter where Lawson's sister was killed. The FBI manage to arrest them and Maggie brings the truck to an isolated dock before it detonates. An enraged McConnell accuses Maggie of intentionally endangering him and his family for the sake of the case, and decides to move to New Hampshire.
6913"Pride and Prejudice"Alex ChappleTeleplay by : Kristy Lowrey
Story by : Joe Halpin
February 22, 2022 (2022-02-22)FBI4137.38[86]
Pakistani student Kosey Khan and his brother Amir are assaulted by masked men in their apartment, leaving the former dead and the latter with serious injuries. The FBI suspect James Tinker, a janitor who had continuously narrated the Khans, suspecting Kosey of stealing. This proves true as he had stolen parts to make plastic guns to someone. OA works with special agent in charge for counter terrorism, Rashid Bashar, to talk to his local imam, Mustafa, about the suspects having visited his mosque. Bashar pushes the limits, leading to Mustafa filing a complaint. The suspects are identified as Chechen nationals Tapa and Rasul Petrov, who are seeking revenge against former Russian general Dmitry Borchin for a massacre in their village. Maggie and OA manage to stop Tapa, but Rasul escapes. The FBI rushes to Borchin's seminar in Brighton Beach, and manage to disarm Rasul as he aims on Borchin. Castille puts Mustafa's complaint to Bashar and OA, the former dismissing it. OA decides to support Bashar instead of Mustafa.
7014"Ambition"Jean de SegonzacKeith EisnerMarch 8, 2022 (2022-03-08)FBI4147.71[87]
A bomb detonates in the building of Jamie's Foundation led by anti-gun activist Ann Tasker. The FBI discover that Gotham Freedom Front had encouraged attacks against Tasker, although its leader, Paul Bogsen, does not condone violence. He does however point them to David Moder, someone he labels a loose cannon. After Moder escapes during a protest, he's tackled by two NYPD officers who continues to beat him. Wallace reports the incident to Internal Affairs, but Bashar asks OA to water it down if he were to get a promotion. In Moder's storage room in Hackensack, the FBI discover a bomb lab. Moser points them to someone dubbed Wally who also helped with the bombs, revealed to be Walter Forrest. He points them towards an unknown person he met on the GFF chat board, whose IP is revealed to belong to Tasker. Another bomb detonates at the empty offices of the newspaper The Sentinel, killing three teenagers who had broken in. A hostage situation occurs at GFF, with Bogden's assistant taken hostage by Tasker. Maggie calms her, pointing to her actions being the opposite of what she wanted to do. O.A speaks to Internal Affairs and remains firm on Wallace's side of the story, that Moder's arrest was an assault.
7115"Scar Tissue"Lisa RobinsonHeather MichaelsMarch 22, 2022 (2022-03-22)FBI4158.03[88]
Twenty nine year old Violet Kent frantically attempts to enter a bar, and asks the woman on duty to call the police. A mysterious man breaks in and kidnaps Kent. The FBI investigates and receives the bar woman's witness account, describing a muscular man with black hair kidnapping Kent. They identify a man who was aggressive to Kent at a bar the night before, Bobby Gannon, but he has an alibi. Kent is later found dead and further evidence shows a string of four victims in several cities across the country, with Kent being the first in New York. They bring in Dwight Maddux, who also matches the description, but he points them towards a Latino man matching the description. Said man is identified as Andres Silva, a MMA fighter. Silva's assistant points them towards his brother, Eduardo, but he also has an alibi. Castillo approved a sneak warrant into Silva's hotel penthouse, much to her father's dismay, who owns the hotel chain. Tiffany and Scola attempt to arrest Andres at the gym, but he isn't present, while his assistant is also missing. She is later found dead in Queens and Andres escapes. Eduardo explains to OA and Maggie how they were both abused by their father as children, which impacted Andres the most. Prior to their Miami visit, his girlfriend had also dumped him. Castillo is informed that Andres is headed to an airfield in Farmingdale. There, OA and Andres get into a fight in which Andres almost kills OA before Maggie shoots him. Castillo's father asks her out for dinner and that they reconcile their relationship, which she accepts.
7216"Protective Details"Alex ZakrzewskiJoe WebbMarch 29, 2022 (2022-03-29)FBI4167.58[89]
Right before the start of a charity event hockey game, a sniper opens fire, killing ICE agent Mike Mulder while also injuring other people present, with congressman Curtis Grange and his son Ethan also in attendance. The investigation leads to a local gunsmith, Jim Weaver, who gives Scola and Maggie a list of his clients and the ammo they purchased. The list points them to Bradley Baker, who has a Facebook Wall full of messages and posts about abolishing ICE. Wallace and OA go to question him, only for Baker flee on his motorcycle. Grange releases a video about his opinion of the shooting. The team analyse the gun and realize that Baker's rifle couldn't have been the one used, but a semiautomatic rifle, ruling out Baker as the shooter. Immigration judge Alvarez was shot down while Baker was in custody, it was the same modus operandi as the first shooting. The team discovers a connection between the victims and the assailant, Oscar Rodriguez, who was romantically involved with Baker with Rodriguez's parents being murdered once they were deported. Rodriguez successfully targets Grange at a campaign gathering. Baker is brought in to talk him down when he takes a hostage. He's unsuccessful and OA is forced to shoot him. OA offers Ethan Grange an application to join the FBI when he's of age, and reassures him that he will help him with the process when he's ready.
7317"One Night Stand"Alex ChappleRick Eid & Joe HalpinApril 12, 2022 (2022-04-12)FBI4177.39[90]

John Kraus and Julia Miller are killed by a masked assailant at the General Grant National Memorial. The FBI discover that they had returned from a trip to Cancún, which not even Miller's mother knew of. Medical examination reveals that she had smuggled cocaine in her body, and the driver who drove her and Kraus is identified as Benny Gomez. Scola and Tiffany learn that he was working with Nina Chase, an undercover agent and a former date of Scola. The team learn that Gomez was her informant in order to take down the Mexican Regents headed by Hector Garcia, known as El Perro. Gomez is cleared from the case, and the director orders Chase's investigation to be merged with Castillo's after it becomes obvious that the cases are related. Gomez goes in with a wire and manages to convince Garcia's enforcer Octavio Lopez to meet Chase. At the meeting, she lands a deal with him and to subsequently meet Garcia. Gomez runs late to Lopez' second meeting, having to calm him down before he meets the FBI. Once Chase and Lopez meets and he's shown the money, Castillo orders Lopez arrested, choosing not to risk letting him go. Lopez cooperates with the FBI and reveals that Garcia plans to rob and kill Chase at their meeting. Scola and Tiffany rush to the rendezvous, where a shooting occurs after Garcia arrives. He is shot by Tiffany during it, and Gomez is wounded in the process, but survives. Scola sets out to ask Nina to dinner, hoping to mend their relationship, which she eventually accepts.

  • This episode marks the debut appearance of Shantel VanSanten (Nina Chase) with VanSanten being credited as a Special Guest Star.
7418"Fear Nothing"Jon CassarRick Eid & Joe HalpinApril 19, 2022 (2022-04-19)FBI4187.51[91]
After the murder of Tom Hamilton, a federal reserve security guard; the investigation leads the team to two unknown men who are in possession of a chemical weapon, sarin gas, an extremely toxic compound. The gas is odorless and colorless, due to its extreme potency as a nerve agent it is known and used as a chemical weapon. Wallace and Scola find one of the men, Nassar Ali, a known terrorist in Syria, and attempt to apprehend him, but are forced to kill him when he resists arrest. OA and Maggie go to an abandoned building belonging to Gen Research where the other man, Hakeen Abbas, and the sarin gas are located. OA and Maggie split up upon entering the building to cover more ground. Maggie finds Abbas, and tries to get him off the ledge but he pulls a gun on her, resulting in Maggie killing him. In the process, a canister with the gas falls on the ground, exposing the room, closing the doors automatically. OA, with the guidance of a doctor at 26 Fed, manage to get Maggie out, but her severe injuries lands her in hospital for an uncertain period of time.
7519"Face Off"Jackeline TejadaClaire Demorest & York WalkerApril 26, 2022 (2022-04-26)FBI4197.56[92]

With Maggie in hospital, Isobel meets with ADIC Hawkins who's furious that she sent Maggie and OA to the warehouse without any backup from Hazmat or SWAT and that it could have cost the two agents their lives with Hawkins revealing Maggie is going to have through months of physical therapy to recover from the effects of the gas. The FBI's New York office investigate the murder of Maria Blake, who with her wife Olivia were attacked by an assailant who lurked into their home. Olivia survives and his hospitalised while her daughter Brooke is taken care of by child services. Nina Chase steps in as Maggie's substitute, and Castille is given a BAU supervisory agent to tag along. The team talks to carpenter Jeremiah Carver, who argued with Olivia prior to her death, having been fired. However he is soon cleared of suspicion, all the while the team realises that they're dealing with a serial killer targeting women in high ranking positions. Having obtained the Blake's surveillance footage, Castille decides to give the public the fragment of the killer's face it shows. They also identify glass from a church in his footprints, leading them to his sanctuary, where it's discovered that Castille is his next target. She manages to fend him off and reveals that he wears a silicon mask, and that he had white skin color and not black. Just as they determine that Olivia's ex-husband David Owen is the killer, Brooke is kidnapped from her school, fleeing to a family house in Bear Mountain Ridge. Owen holds his daughter captive and shows strong signs of going into a frenzy, Isobel believing that he's breaking down and that he doesn't care about his daughter, having used her as a human shield and she orders OA and the team to breach. Along with the SWAT team, the FBI sneak into the house from behind. O.A. talks Owen down while Scola and Chase flank him from behind, securing Brooke and arresting Owen.

  • Shantel VanSanten (Nina Chase) is credited as a Special Guest Star.
7620"Ghost from the Past"Heather CappielloRick Eid & Joe HalpinMay 10, 2022 (2022-05-10)FBI4207.16[93]

TSA agent Cher Wilkins is murdered in an industrial area, with her supervisor having raised suspicions about her. OA and Chase red-con a restaurant Wilkins frequented just before her death, where he sees someone who resembles a known terrorist he once hunted in Afghanistan, long believed to be dead. Chase and other team members remain skeptical about said terrorist, Tamir Hazara, being alive, they also learn that Wilkins was on the restaurant owner, Jem Polat's payroll. The team apprehends Jorge Cissneros, who smuggled drugs through the airport to Chicago. The first run is revealed to be a test, and they have him wear a wire for his second, which they discover is actually a bomb. Polat is also discovered to be an Afghan national with his name also an alias. OA has Ian look through restaurant surveillance and identifies Hazara with certainty that he is Polat's partner. Scola goes to the airport in Cissneros' place and identifies the new TSA guard on Porat's payroll to be Wilkins' supervisor, Bill Reynolds, who explains that his wife and son are taken prisoner by Hazara. The team track his location to an abandoned industrial area, and has it surrounded. Knowing how Hazara operates, OA takes to the sewers with Chase to stop him. While she finds the hostages, he fights Hazara before killing him. In the aftermath, OA takes Chase's advice and decides to see a therapist.

  • Shantel VanSanten (Nina Chase) is credited as a Special Guest Star.
7721"Kayla"Alex ZakrzewskiKeith Eisner & Joe WebbMay 17, 2022 (2022-05-17)FBI4217.15[94]

Retired DEA agent Thomas Webber is gunned down right outside a local bakery. The FBI learns that he went on to work as a security guard at a nightclub, where he came into conflict with Rafer Boggs, who alleges that a girl he dated, cheated on him with Webber. Despite this, he is cleared of suspicion. Following the murder of Wallie Lamox, a church janitor, they learn that both he and Webber were considered witnesses against heroin gang LS-19, led by Callum Brewster. Tiffany asks Castille that they use one of Brewster's restaurant waitresses, Kayla Marsh, to get Brewster's phone, something she and Chase disagree on how to approach. They manage to convince Kayla, who successfully gets the phone for OA to clone. Texts on Brewster's phone confirms he's the killer, in addition to ballistics on his gun. However, as they move in to arrest Brewster, they discover him dead. Despite the initial promise to Kayla not to further involve her, Castille asks Tiffany and Chase to get her back on board to retrieve her boyfriend, Trey Copper's gun. Once ballistics is run on his gun, it's confirmed that it was the same gun used to kill the other victims. Tracking Cooper to a heliport, he takes Kayla hostage before being gunned down by Tiffany. Kayla is also arrested for having aided and abetted Cooper. Tiffany and Chase set aside their differences in the aftermath of the case.

  • Shantel VanSanten (Nina Chase) is credited as a Special Guest Star.

Season 5 (2022–23)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date [15]Prod.
code [15]
U.S. viewers
781"Hero's Journey"Alex ChappleRick Eid & Joe HalpinSeptember 20, 2022 (2022-09-20)FBI5016.81[95]

Working undercover on a sting operation, OA succeeds in getting close to the buyer, but things take a turn when the buyer's partner is murdered and the bomb they were after has disappeared. Via information from Curt, they learn that the man that stole the bomb is intending to use it at a building where the Federalist Society conference will be held. With still more than 300 people inside the building, OA decides to act against Castille's orders which are to leave the area. He takes an SUV, puts the bomb in it, and manages to get to a safe distance before it denotates. The main suspect flees, taking a young man hostage and the two enter a building with Jubal arriving to lead the hostage negotiations. As Jubal talks to him, Scola and Tiffany use the opportunity to sneak up on him, bringing the crisis to an end. Jubal finds himself struggling to fulfil a promise to attend his son Tyler's birthday party and eventually misses it. Tyler's mother, Sam informs Jubal that three children came to the party, a relief for Jubal as Tyler is going through a tough time as a result of being diagnosed with leukaemia.

  • Shantel VanSanten (Nina Chase) is credited as a Special Guest Star.
792"Love is Blind"Jon CassarAlexander MaggioSeptember 27, 2022 (2022-09-27)FBI5027.08[96]

The FBI team investigate a shooting at a pawn shop that leaves two people dead, one of whom is a police detective. Scola and Nina are revealed to be in a relationship, but keeping it a secret. The team investigate the shooting and arrest a suspect after tracking his phone. He took a photo of the robber's car, which comes back as being stolen. It is traced using GPS with Nina and Scola being dispatched to the scene, where they are fired on by a masked individual. The individual, Dev, is in a relationship with a woman named Skyler that Dev's parents believe "ruined" him. Further investigation reveals that Dev was on a drug run, but lost the drugs he was supposed to deliver. His boss, Ramon, kidnapped Skyler to make Dev deliver the drugs. Ramon is found dead at his house, and the team realize Dev killed him - freeing Skyler and they are on the run. Spotted at a gas station, Dev and Skyler take hostages after being confronted. Dev sustains a wound that means he only has an hour to live, and Skyler takes charge. With time running out, OA is ordered to take point and tries to negotiate with Skyler. Nina goes in disguised as a paramedic, against Scola's wishes, and attempts to convince Skyler to peacefully surrender. Skyler is shot by a sniper, ending the crisis.

  • Shantel VanSanten (Nina Chase) is credited as a Special Guest Star.
803"Prodigal Son"[a]Alex ChappleRick EidOctober 4, 2022 (2022-10-04)FBI4226.97[98]

Two masked assailants rob a gun store and kill the owner in the process. The FBI manages to identify one of them through surveillance cameras, Clayton Hall, who has a history of odd behaviour and resorting to violence. When they arrive at his house, he commits suicide after refusing to leave his room. The case becomes personal for Jubal when it's discovered that his son, Tyler, plays video games with a friend group which the second assailant might be a part of. The case becomes more complicated when Jubal learns that Tyler was on speaking terms with the second assailant, Zac O'Connor. The FBI discovers through social media that he is targeting a girl from another high school. In addition, Tyler leaves home in order to talk Zac down, but with his father's arrival, he is taken hostage by Zac in a book shop. Jubal tries to negotiate with Zac, but shoots down his demands in order to convince him to let the hostages go. When he refuses, Jubal asks him to shoot him, but Tyler manages to knock the gun away from his father before shots are fired. Once Zac is detained and arrested, Jubal thanks his son for saving him and the two bond.

  • Shantel VanSanten (Nina Chase) is credited as a Special Guest Star.
814"Victim"Carlos BernardRick Eid & Joe HalpinOctober 11, 2022 (2022-10-11)FBI5047.41[99]

Before heading to work, OA is robbed at gunpoint by a man and a woman. Though he brushes it off, the NYPD launches an investigation, which reveals that the couple were responsible for at least ten similar robberies. The FBI investigate the murder and rape of a young woman, which is just the beginning of a string of many more rapes and murders of other women. With limited clues at their disposal, the FBI reach out to surviving victims, notably Citra Susanti. Her recollection of what happened to her is minimal, but she is able to remember it all later when OA puts her through a visual examination process. The FBI later identify the assailant as Jason Tanner, who was a clerk at a accessory store which the FBI had previously visited for the investigation. They manage to stop him from raping another woman. OA, taking notes from the rape investigation, decides to fully cooperate with his robbery investigation and manages to identify the robbers, and even checks on another victim who was shot by the couple.

  • Shantel VanSanten (Nina Chase) is credited as a Special Guest Star.
825"Flopped Cop"Carl WeathersThomas KellyOctober 18, 2022 (2022-10-18)FBI5037.11[100]

Accountant Frank Leone is assassinated by two gunmen in the middle of broad daylight. His wife hands the FBI his laptop, which leads them to the notorious drug leader El Feo, who was a client of Leone prior to his death. The FBI learns from the state attorney that El Feo was going to be imprisoned, and Leone was most likely going to testify against him. They discover he had an informant on the judge panel, but she is later found tortured and killed. Wallace reaches out to a friend, Ralphie, who is the cousin of El Feo and a former cop and lost his brother to El Feo's drugs; who is willing to help. He goes in undercover to get a job from El Feo, while also cloning his phone to gain intel. Scola is skeptical to Ralphie's motives, which is later proven correct when he takes matters into his own hands and is willing to kill El Feo as revenge for his brother's death. The ensuing hostage situation forces Wallace to shoot Ralphie, while Scola shoots El Feo who tries to retaliate. Ralphie later dies of his injuries, and Wallace tells Scola why Ralphie flopped; it being that he didn't give up the names of officers who were involved in a prank.

  • Shantel VanSanten (Nina Chase) is credited as a Special Guest Star.
836"Double Blind"Alex ChappleClaire DemorestNovember 6, 2022 (2022-11-06)FBI5056.88[101]
The five year old son of Liza Peters, Luke Peters, is kidnapped and his nanny killed in the process. The FBI learns that Liza had once dealt business in Eastern Europe, but she is withdrawn about the specifics of it. This is despite them unraveling the fact that Chechen terrorists kidnapped Luke, and the team being forced to kill one of them who tries to flee. Liza escapes from her home after guards are put out to protect her. A second examination of her house reveals a safe containing money and passports form four different countries and four different identities. The CIA confirms that Liza was an agent of theirs and notably worked in Chechenia, but has recently been assigned to desk work. Together with the CIA, the FBI deduces that Liza is going to exchange an informant for her son. Scola and Chase find Liza, and the former decides to disguise herself as the informant during the exchange. However, the plan changes and they head towards an undisclosed location together with the goon assigned to them. After their arrival, Chase and Liza take the goon out and go into the compound to retrieve Luke. After Liza is injured, Chase continues solo and retrieves Luke. Chase reveals to Scola that she is pregnant with their child, and is later reassigned to white-collar crime.
847"Ready or Not"Stephen SurjikHeather Michaels & Thomas KellyNovember 15, 2022 (2022-11-15)FBI5067.31[102]
Marisol Lugo and Enrique "Kiko" Cortez are killed by a gunman in a park, and the FBI learns that Marisol had aspired to be an FBI agent. Cortez' girlfriend tells them that they were threatened by the MHB, a local Bronx gang, warning him against selling drugs on their territory, despite him not being affiliated with any rival gangs. They identify the assailant as Mateo Diaz, who has been frequenting an LGBT youth club to meet his boyfriend, Sam Sloan. The FBI asks Diaz to meet the gang boss, Jose Florial, in order for him incriminate himself, but Diaz notes that he isn't a commander and thereby can't meet Florial. Instead they try to convince a gang commander, Frankie, to do it, but the operation to flip him goes south. With Frankie hospitalised, Florial calls in Diaz to explain his business connection to Maggie. Florial asks Diaz to execute her, but he refuses just as the FBI moves in to arrest Florial. Maggie, who has returned from her hospitalisation, faces uncertainty as she tries return to her duties. OA discovers anxiety pills in her bag, and tries to substitute for her in relation to the undercover operations of the investigation, much to her annoyance. With the investigation successful, Diaz and his boyfriend enter witness protection as promised by Maggie, and he praises her for keeping her word.
858"Into the Fire"Gonzalo AmatJoe WebbNovember 22, 2022 (2022-11-22)FBI5077.54[103]
Trucker Clay Parker is killed when he tries to prevent two robbers from gaining access to his trailer. The robbers successfully steal barrels of ammonium nitrate, suspected to be utilised for a bomb. The FBI determine the Norseman Brotherhood to be behind the robbery, which Maggie is in the process of infiltrating. She manages to get a jacket from the leader, Eric Ward's home, which confirms his involvement. The FBI arrest him after Maggie fails to put a tracker on his pickup truck. They discover a farm in Staten Island which has been utilised to construct the bomb, and an unknown person flees the scene. Security camera footage also reveals that Nick Foster, the owner of the Brotherhood's frequent gun store, driving a truck of supplies. The FBI manage to retrieve his phone in a joint effort undercover by Maggie and Scola, but it's sudden disappearance nearly blows her cover before Foster is apprehended. The phone reveals that Ward's brother, Deke, is taking the bomb to its location. The FBI and NYPD surround his van and Maggie manages to talk him into surrender. Maggie and OA agree to renew their partnership despite OA blaming himself for her near death experience with the sarin gas.
869"Fortunate Son"Alex ChappleRick Eid & Joe HalpinDecember 13, 2022 (2022-12-13)FBI5087.39[104]
Teen Trevor Logan departs home quickly with his father, who is shot by another driver in a black car. While his father his hospitalised, he asks Trevor to secure a bag of drugs, which Trevor instead takes to the FBI, believing they could help them both. The FBI asks Trevor to gain more info from his father about the fentanyl in the bag, which he reveals once belonged to someone named Nick, who he is in debt to. Trevor also leads them back to their house where they retrieve his father's phone and chase the driver from earlier. The FBI identify Nico as Nico Chiang, who they set up a meeting with to return the drugs. Trevor gets the chance to tell his father he loves him, but he becomes suspicious of Trevor instead. Sometime later, his father sneaks out of the hospital and kills Chiang and retrieves stolen items from his club. As law enforcement surround him, Trevor goes forward to try and talk his father down with Scola by his side. Despite their combined efforts, his father resists arrest and is killed. Chase reveals to Scola that she is moving to Los Angeles with their baby and asks him to sign a waiver, which in effect strips him of his parental rights. After some thought, he refuses to sign the document and desires for himself to be present in the child's life. Chase accepts and reveals the baby's gender to be male.
8710"Second Life"Jon CassarClaire DemorestJanuary 3, 2023 (2023-01-03)FBI5107.59[105]
Chloe Rogers, a pizza delivery woman, is abducted while heading out to make some late night deliveries. The FBI find it difficult to identify her despite the small amount of information they receive about her from her boyfriend and college students. DNA samples from her toothbrush confirms her identity to actually be Annabelle Collier, a girl who went missing 18 years ago, and whose abduction Castille and her partner Jake Reed then investigated. The FBI re-question the original suspect, Eddie Lyman, who they confirm had an alibi for both the original and recent abduction. Castille asks Annabelle's mother, Joan, to look at a photo array of other suspects and she identifies Jeff Whalen. Whalen had once worked for her husband and had a close connection with Annabelle before they both disappeared. Further investigation reveals that Whalen has been living in multiple places under different aliases, recently in Nelsonville. Noting Whalen's constant use of aliases, the FBI determine his purchase of a cabin to be done by him. At the cabin, Maggie and OA apprehend Whalen, and Castille finds Annabelle inside the cabin after an explosion caused by a rigged stove.
8811"Heroes"Milena GovichRick Eid & Joe HalpinJanuary 10, 2023 (2023-01-10)FBI5097.44[106]
Kelly Moran finds himself in a hostage situation during a bank robbery on his way to work, but manages to alert Jubal. The NYPD and FBI quickly ascend on the scene and the investigation into the perpetrators ensue. The FBI identify them as Marco and Jennifer Salazar, who's target is a deposit box registered in the former's father's name. Further investigation into the father's background reveals that he owned several shell companies and dealt with money laundering to Colombia. Maggie and OA find the father tortured and deceased in his home in Long Island. A secret security camera reveals he was tortured by two unknown goons about his safety deposit box, which contained a key to his Bitcoin transaction. Marco and Jennifer have thereby robbed the bank in order to save their daughter who was kidnapped by the same goons. Jubal enters the bank disguised a locksmith and is guided by Ian to unlock the deposit box. However, a malfunction causes the security gate to come down. The Salazar daughter's location is pinned and Maggie and OA manage to save her. Jubal's cover is blown when Marco knocks out his earpiece. Kelly takes the opportunity to use their daughter's rescue as a distraction until SWAT and the FBI enter to apprehend the Salazars.
8912"Breakdown"Alex ChappleAlexander MaggioJanuary 24, 2023 (2023-01-24)FBI5117.47[107]
Two MTA workers die when they accidentally trigger a Botulinum toxin gas bomb hidden on a bus. The bomber is quickly identified as another MTA worker, Aurelio Martinez, who is subseqently found murdered. The FBI discovers that Martinez was paid to plant the bomb by Bin Zada, the alias of an operative working for a Houthi extremist group in Yemen. They detain Amal Janubi, another accomplice of Bin Zada, who reveals that Bin Zada is planning to detonate another chemical bomb soon. The FBI learns Bin Zada's real name is Hassan Nasif, whose is out for revenge after his mother was killed by an American-made cluster bomb in Yemen. The FBI tracks Nasif down to his next target - Grand Central Terminal, where Jubal captures him and Maggie disarms the bomb before it can release the toxin. Meanwhile Jubal relapses into drinking after he gets potentially worrying news about Tyler's health. When this adversely affects his job, Maggie urges Jubal to seek help, warning him that she'll have no choice but to report him to Castille if he doesn't.
9013"Protégé"Stephanie MarquardtJoe WebbFebruary 14, 2023 (2023-02-14)FBI5137.20[108]
9114"Money for Nothing"Jean de SegonzacRick Eid & Joe HalpinFebruary 21, 2023 (2023-02-21)FBI5146.89[109]
9215"The Lies We Tell"Lisa RobinsonRick Eid & Joe HalpinFebruary 28, 2023 (2023-02-28)FBI5156.81[110]
9316"Family First"Eduardo SanchezYork Walker & Thomas KellyMarch 14, 2023 (2023-03-14)FBI5127.16[111]

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Niels Arden Oplev

Niels Arden Oplev

Niels Arden Oplev is a Danish film director and screenwriter.

Dick Wolf

Dick Wolf

Richard Anthony Wolf is an American film and television producer, best known for his Law & Order franchise. Since 1990, the franchise has included six police/courtroom dramas and four international spinoffs. He is also creator and executive producer of the Chicago franchise, which since 2012 has included four Chicago-based dramas, and the creator and executive producer of the FBI franchise, which since 2018 has also become a franchise after spinning off two additional series.

Nick Gomez

Nick Gomez

Nick Gomez is an American film director and writer. He has directed for a number of television and film. His first feature-length film was the 1992 movie Laws of Gravity, which won awards at both the Berlin International Film Festival and the Valencia International Film Festival. Gomez's next film was the 1995 crime drama New Jersey Drive, which was screened and competed for a Grand Jury Prize during that year's Sundance Film Festival.

Judith McCreary

Judith McCreary

Judith McCreary, aka Judi McCreary, is an American TV writer and producer. She has worked on such shows as Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, New York Undercover,CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Criminal Minds.

Jean de Segonzac

Jean de Segonzac

Jean de Segonzac is an American director, screenwriter and cinematographer who has worked in documentaries and television programs. Most of his work has been in gritty, cinéma vérité-style law enforcement TV dramas.

Hydrogen cyanide

Hydrogen cyanide

Hydrogen cyanide, sometimes called prussic acid, is a chemical compound with the formula HCN and structure H−C≡N. It is a colorless, extremely poisonous, and flammable liquid that boils slightly above room temperature, at 25.6 °C (78.1 °F). HCN is produced on an industrial scale and is a highly valued precursor to many chemical compounds ranging from polymers to pharmaceuticals. Large-scale applications are for the production of potassium cyanide and adiponitrile, used in mining and plastics, respectively. It is more toxic than solid cyanide compounds due to its volatile nature.

Essex County Airport

Essex County Airport

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Most Wanted (FBI)

Most Wanted (FBI)

"Most Wanted" is the eighteenth episode of the first season of FBI. It aired on April 2, 2019. The episode was written by René Balcer and directed by Fred Berner. The episode was also the backdoor pilot for FBI: Most Wanted. The episode's story is base on FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives "Robert William Fisher".

FBI: Most Wanted

FBI: Most Wanted

FBI: Most Wanted is an American crime drama television series created by René Balcer and produced by Wolf Entertainment that was ordered to series by CBS in May 2019. It is the first spin-off from Dick Wolf's drama FBI, in whose first season the characters of the series were introduced. The series premiered on January 7, 2020.

FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives

FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives

The FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives is a most wanted list maintained by the United States's Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The list arose from a conversation held in late 1949 between J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the FBI, and William Kinsey Hutchinson, International News Service editor-in-chief, who were discussing ways to promote capture of the FBI's "toughest guys". This discussion turned into a published article, which received so much positive publicity that on March 14, 1950, the FBI officially announced the list to increase law enforcement's ability to capture dangerous fugitives. The first person added to the list was Thomas J. Holden, a robber and member of the Holden–Keating Gang on the day of the list's inception.

Nick Santora

Nick Santora

Nick Santora is a writer and producer born in Queens, New York. He won the Best Screenplay of the Competition in the New York City Independent International Film Festival. He has also written and/or produced The Sopranos, The Guardian, Law & Order, Prison Break, Lie to Me, Scorpion and he created and executive produced Beauty and the Geek. Nick also co-wrote/created/executive produced the television series Breakout Kings. He served as executive producer and developer of Scorpion from 2014 to 2018 with 4 seasons.

Arab Spring

Arab Spring

The Arab Spring was a series of anti-government protests, uprisings and armed rebellions that spread across much of the Arab world in the early 2010s. It began in Tunisia in response to corruption and economic stagnation. From Tunisia, the protests then spread to five other countries: Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria and Bahrain. Rulers were deposed or major uprisings and social violence occurred including riots, civil wars, or insurgencies. Sustained street demonstrations took place in Morocco, Iraq, Algeria, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman and Sudan. Minor protests took place in Djibouti, Mauritania, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and the Moroccan-occupied Western Sahara. A major slogan of the demonstrators in the Arab world is ash-shaʻb yurīd isqāṭ an-niẓām!.


Season 1

Viewership and ratings per episode of List of FBI episodes
No. Title Air date Rating/share
DVR viewers
Total viewers
1 "Pilot" September 25, 2018 1.3/5 10.09[17] 0.8 4.07 2.1 14.16[112]
2 "Green Birds" October 2, 2018 1.2/5 9.37[18] 0.7 3.70 1.9 13.07[113]
3 "Prey" October 9, 2018 1.0/4 9.17[19] 0.7 3.56 1.7 12.74[114]
4 "Crossfire" October 16, 2018 1.0/5 9.31[20] 0.6 3.51 1.6 12.82[115]
5 "Doomsday" October 23, 2018 1.0/5 8.82[21] 0.7 3.61 1.7 12.44[116]
6 "Family Man" October 30, 2018 1.0/5 9.41[22] 0.7 3.22 1.7 12.63[117]
7 "Cops and Robbers" November 13, 2018 1.1/5 9.19[23] 0.7 3.55 1.8 12.75[118]
8 "This Land is Your Land" November 20, 2018 1.0/5 8.91[24] 0.7 3.58 1.7 12.49[119]
9 "Compromised" December 4, 2018 1.0/5 9.72[25] 0.7 3.52 1.7 13.24[120]
10 "The Armorer's Faith" December 11, 2018 1.0/4 9.04[26] 0.6 3.50 1.6 12.54[121]
11 "Identity Crisis" January 15, 2019 1.0/5 9.33[27] 0.5 3.20 1.5 12.54[122]
12 "A New Dawn" January 22, 2019 0.8/4 7.40[28] 0.7 3.64 1.5 11.04[123]
13 "Partners in Crime" February 12, 2019 1.0/4 9.45[29] 0.6 3.65 1.6 13.11[124]
14 "Exposed" February 19, 2019 0.9/4 9.06[30] 0.7 3.95 1.6 13.02[125]
15 "Scorched Earth" February 26, 2019 1.0/5 9.45[31] 0.6 3.76 1.6 13.21[126]
16 "Invisible" March 12, 2019 0.9/4 8.95[32] 0.7 3.62 1.6 12.58[127]
17 "Apex" March 26, 2019 0.9/4 9.13[33] 0.6 3.57 1.5 12.70[128]
18 "Most Wanted" April 2, 2019 0.9/4 9.08[35] 0.7 3.73 1.6 12.81[129]
19 "Conflict of Interest" April 16, 2019 0.9/4 8.76[36] 0.6 3.82 1.5 12.58[130]
20 "What Lies Beneath" April 30, 2019 0.9/4 8.86[37] 0.5 3.48 1.4 12.34[131]
21 "Appearances" May 7, 2019 0.8/4 8.76[38] 0.5 3.45 1.3 12.11[132]
22 "Closure" May 14, 2019 0.8/4 8.56[39] 0.6 3.51 1.4 12.07[133]

Season 2

Viewership and ratings per episode of List of FBI episodes
No. Title Air date Rating/share
DVR viewers
Total viewers
1 "Little Egypt" September 24, 2019 0.9/5 8.83[40] 0.7 3.85 1.6 12.69[134]
2 "The Lives of Others" October 1, 2019 1.0/5 9.46[41] 0.6 3.40 1.6 12.86[135]
3 "American Idol" October 8, 2019 0.8/4 8.70[42] 0.5 3.24 1.3 11.94[136]
4 "An Imperfect Science" October 15, 2019 0.9/4 8.75[43] 0.5 3.18 1.4 11.93[137]
5 "Crossroads" October 22, 2019 0.8/4 8.87[44] 0.5 3.04 1.3 11.90[138]
6 "Outsider" November 5, 2019 0.8/4 8.54[45] 0.5 3.51 1.3 12.06[139]
7 "Undisclosed" November 12, 2019 0.7/4 8.87[46] 0.5 3.57 1.2 12.45[140]
8 "Codename: Ferdinand" November 19, 2019 0.8/4 8.83[47] 0.5 3.33 1.3 12.17[141]
9 "Salvation" November 26, 2019 0.9/5 8.81[48] 0.6 3.50 1.5 12.32[142]
10 "Ties That Bind" December 17, 2019 0.8/4 8.47[49] 0.6 3.68 1.4 12.15[143]
11 "Fallout" January 7, 2020 0.9/4 9.32[50] 0.5 3.43 1.4 12.76[144]
12 "Hard Decisions" January 14, 2020 0.8/4 8.57[51] 0.5 3.70 1.3 12.27[145]
13 "Payback" January 21, 2020 0.9/4 9.24[52] 0.5 3.44 1.4 12.69[146]
14 "Studio Gangster" January 28, 2020 0.9/5 9.26[53] 0.5 3.43 1.4 12.69[147]
15 "Legacy" February 11, 2020 0.8 8.93[54] 0.5 3.38 1.3 12.32[148]
16 "Safe Room" February 18, 2020 0.9 9.22[55] 0.5 3.42 1.4 12.65[149]
17 "Broken Promises" March 10, 2020 0.8 8.30[56] 0.5 3.64 1.3 11.94[150]
18 "American Dreams" March 24, 2020 1.1 10.67[57] 0.6 3.88 1.7 14.57[151]
19 "Emotional Rescue" March 31, 2020 1.2 10.85[58] 0.5 3.22 1.7 14.08[152]

Season 3

Viewership and ratings per episode of List of FBI episodes
No. Title Air date Rating
DVR viewers
Total viewers
1 "Never Trust a Stranger" November 17, 2020 0.9 8.21[59] 0.4 3.38 1.3 11.62[153]
2 "Unreasonable Doubt" November 24, 2020 0.9 8.39[60]
3 "Liar's Poker" December 8, 2020 0.6 6.71[61] 0.4 3.02 1.1 9.72[154]
4 "Crazy Love" January 24, 2021 2.0 8.99[62]
5 "Clean Slate" January 26, 2021 0.8 8.27[63]
6 "Uncovered" February 9, 2021 0.8 7.72[64] 0.5 3.43 1.3 11.16[155]
7 "Discord" March 2, 2021 0.7 7.36[65] 0.4 3.41 1.1 10.78[156]
8 "Walk the Line" March 9, 2021 0.7 7.66[66] 0.5 3.46 1.2 11.12[157]
9 "Leverage" March 16, 2021 0.8 8.07[67]
10 "Checks and Balances" April 6, 2021 0.8 8.07[68] 0.5 3.11 1.2 11.19[158]
11 "Brother's Keeper" April 27, 2021 0.7 7.57[69] 0.4 2.50 1.1 10.07[159]
12 "Fathers and Sons" May 4, 2021 0.8 8.08[70] 0.4 3.11 1.2 11.17[160]
13 "Short Squeeze" May 11, 2021 0.7 7.69[71] 0.5 3.24 1.2 10.94[161]
14 "Trigger Effect" May 18, 2021 0.7 7.59[72] 0.4 3.07 1.1 10.67[162]
15 "Straight Flush" May 25, 2021 0.6 7.08[73] 0.4 3.17 1.1 10.25[163]

Season 4

Viewership and ratings per episode of List of FBI episodes
No. Title Air date Rating
DVR viewers
Total viewers
1 "All That Glitters" September 21, 2021 0.7 7.12[74] TBD TBD TBD TBD
2 "Hacktivist" September 28, 2021 0.7 7.37[75] TBD TBD TBD TBD
3 "Trauma" October 5, 2021 0.6 6.71[76] TBD TBD TBD TBD
4 "Know Thyself" October 12, 2021 0.7 6.75[77] 0.3 2.85 1.0 9.49[77]
5 "Charlotte's Web" November 2, 2021 0.6 6.99[78] TBD TBD TBD TBD
6 "Allegiance" November 9, 2021 0.7 7.17[79] TBD TBD TBD TBD
7 "Gone Baby Gone" November 16, 2021 0.7 7.61[80] 0.3 2.64 1.0 10.25[164]
8 "Fire and Rain" December 7, 2021 0.6 7.02[81] 0.3 2.68 0.9 9.70[165]
9 "Unfinished Business" December 14, 2021 0.8 8.31[82] TBD TBD TBD TBD
10 "Fostered" January 4, 2022 0.8 8.52[83] TBD TBD TBD TBD
11 "Grief" January 11, 2022 0.8 8.45[84] TBD TBD TBD TBD
12 "Under Pressure" February 1, 2022 0.6 7.54[85] TBD TBD TBD TBD
13 "Pride and Prejudice" February 22, 2022 0.6 7.38[86] TBD TBD TBD TBD
14 "Ambition" March 8, 2022 0.7 7.71[87] 0.4 3.12 1.0 10.87[166]
15 "Scar Tissue" March 22, 2022 0.7 8.03[88] 0.3 2.86 1.0 10.89[167]
16 "Protective Details" March 29, 2022 0.7 7.58[89] 0.3 2.91 1.0 10.49[168]
17 "One Night Stand" April 12, 2022 0.6 7.39[90] 0.3 2.66 0.9 9.97[169]
18 "Fear Nothing" April 19, 2022 0.6 7.51[91] 0.3 2.70 0.9 10.21[170]
19 "Face Off" April 26, 2022 0.6 7.56[92] 0.3 2.62 0.8 10.17[171]
20 "Ghost From The Past" May 10, 2022 0.6 7.16[93] TBD TBD TBD TBD
21 "Kayla" May 17, 2022 0.6 7.15[94] TBD TBD TBD TBD

Season 5

Viewership and ratings per episode of List of FBI episodes
No. Title Air date Rating
DVR viewers
Total viewers
1 "Hero's Journey" September 20, 2022 0.6 6.81[95] 0.2 2.78 0.9 9.59[172]
2 "Love is Blind" September 27, 2022 0.5 7.08[96] 0.2 2.54 0.8 9.62[173]
3 "Prodigal Son" October 4, 2022 0.6 6.97[98] 0.3 2.39 0.8 9.35[174]
4 "Victim" October 11, 2022 0.6 7.41[99] 0.2 2.42 0.8 9.83[175]
5 "Flopped Cop" October 18, 2022 0.5 7.11[100] 0.3 2.62 0.8 9.73[176]
6 "Double Bind" November 6, 2022 0.6 6.88[101] 0.3 2.66 0.9 9.54[177]
7 "Ready or Not" November 15, 2022 0.5 7.31[102] 0.3 2.57 0.8 9.89[178]
8 "Into the Fire" November 22, 2022 0.5 7.54[103] TBD TBD TBD TBD
9 "Fortunate Son" December 13, 2022 0.5 7.39[104] TBD TBD TBD TBD
10 "Second Life" January 3, 2023 0.6 7.59[105] 0.3 2.80 0.9 10.39[179]
11 "Heroes" January 10, 2023 0.6 7.44[106] 0.3 2.55 0.9 9.99[180]
12 "Breakdown" January 24, 2023 0.6 7.47[107] TBD TBD TBD TBD
13 "Protégé" February 14, 2023 0.5 7.20[108] TBD TBD TBD TBD
14 "Money for Nothing" February 21, 2023 0.5 6.89[109] TBD TBD TBD TBD
15 "The Lies We Tell" February 28, 2023 0.5 6.81[110] TBD TBD TBD TBD
16 "Family First" March 14, 2023 0.5 7.16[111] TBD TBD TBD TBD

Source: "List of FBI episodes", Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, (2023, March 15th),

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