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List of Emerson College people

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This is a list of notable alumni, faculty, and administrators of Emerson College, a private university located in Boston, Massachusetts.

Name Description Student, faculty, or admin Department or program Category
Jonathan Aaron Poet Faculty (1988–present) Writing, Literature, and Publishing Poetry
Mary Kay Adams Actress known for work on Guiding Light and Babylon 5 Student Acting
Pearl Aday Singer Student Creative writing Music
David Akiba Photographer Faculty (part-time) Photography
Patricia Alvarado Nuñez Television producer and director Student (MA, 1993) Marketing Communication Television
Paul Thomas Anderson Award-winning filmmaker known for works including Boogie Nights and There Will Be Blood Student (did not graduate) English Film
Michael Angelakos Singer-songwriter, frontman for Passion Pit Student Music
Richard Arlook Talent manager Student (1983) Music
Julie Banderas Television news correspondent and anchor for Fox News Student (BA) Journalism
Veronica Belmont Podcaster, media personality, and journalist Student (BA, 2004) Visual and Media Arts Internet
Melia Bensussen Theater director Faculty (2000–present) Performing Arts Theater
Roberto Bentivegna screenwriter known for writing House of Gucci Student (BA) Film
Steve Berthiaume Sports broadcaster Student Broadcasting
Jay Bienstock Emmy-winning television producer Student (BFA, 1987) Television
Sven Birkerts Literary critic Faculty Criticism
Michael Blaiklock Actor known for roles in Secret Girlfriend and Don't Trust the B----- in Apartment 23 Student Television
Dave Blass Production designer and art director Student Visual and Media Arts Film
Warren Bobrow Mixologist, chef, and author Student Communication Culinary arts
Benjamin Bolger Perpetual student Faculty (adjunct) Education
Sarah Borges Musician Student Performing Arts Music
Jared Bowen Television and radio journalist, news commentator, arts reporter/reviewer Student (BA) Broadcast Journalism Broadcasting
Derek Paul Jack Boyle Visual artist Student (BA) Visual arts
Glenn Branca Avant garde composer and guitarist Student Performing Arts Music
Kevin S. Bright Television executive producer and director Student Television
Eddie Brill Comedian Student Comedy
Benjamin Bronfman Musician, environmentalist, and entrepreneur Student Political Communication Music
Bobbi Brown Founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Student Performing Arts Business
Bill Burr Comedian and actor Student Radio Comedy
Mary P. Burrill Playwright and educator Student (graduated 1904) Theater
Kerem Bürsin Turkish actor of the series Sen Çal Kapımı, producer Student (graduated 2006) Marketing Communications Acting
Tim Burton Saxophonist for The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Student Music
Mario Cantone Comedian Student (graduated 1982) Comedy
Tony Cennamo Radio disc jockey and host Faculty Radio
Helen Chasin Poet Faculty Poetry
Alex Clark Youtuber and Animator Student Internet
Anthony Clark Actor and comedian known for Yes, Dear Student (graduated 1986) Communication Acting
Holly Karrol Clark Actress and model Student Acting
Bonnie Comley Award-winning theater producer Student Theater
Jennifer Coolidge Actress and comedian Student Acting
Samuel James Cornish Poet Faculty Creative Writing Poetry
Billy Costa Television and radio presenter Student English Broadcasting
David Cross Actor and comedian known for Mr. Show and Kung Fu Panda Student (did not graduate) Acting
Tamara Czartoryska Athlete and socialite Student Athletics
Bill C. Davis Playwright Student Theater
Morton Dean Television news journalist with ABC News since the 1960s Student Journalism
Susan Del Percio Political strategist Student Political communication
Vin Di Bona Television producer known for America's Funniest Home Videos, MacGyver, and Entertainment Tonight Student (BA, 1966) Television
Greg Dickerson Sports broadcaster Student Broadcasting
Paul Dini Writer and producer known for work on Warner Bros/DC Comics animated television series Student (BFA) Creative Writing Television
Sam Doumit Actress Student Acting
Nicole duFresne Playwright and actress Student Theater
Denise Duhamel Poet Student (BFA) Poetry
Gaby Dunn Writer[1] Student Journalism Internet
Richard Dysart Actor known for L.A. Law Student Acting
Judyann Elder Actress, director, and writer Student Theater
Charles Wesley Emerson Founder and first president of Emerson College Admin (founder, president) Office of the President Academia
Rashin Fahandej New media artist Professor Visual and Media Arts New media
DJ Fakts One Hip hop DJ and producer Student (graduated 1999) Music
Ken Fallin Illustrator and caricaturist Student (graduated 1974) Visual arts
Joshua Hale Fialkov Comic book writer Student (BFA) Writing
Jim Finn Filmmaker Faculty Visual and Media Arts Film
Dan Finnerty Actor and singer Student Acting
Andy Fish Artist, writer, graphic novelist, and cartoonist Faculty Writing
Joely Fisher Actress Student (did not graduate) Acting
Frank Fixaris Sports broadcaster Student (graduated 1956) Broadcasting
Emily Kendal Frey Poet Student Poetry
Jaclyn Friedman Writer and activist Student (BFA, 2004) Creative Writing Writing
John Frink Television writer and producer Student Creative Writing Television
Jack Gantos Author of children's books Student (BFA, MA) Writing
Gina Gershon Actress Student Acting
Kizzy Yuanda Constance Getrouw Actress, singer-songwriter, and television host Student Performing Arts Entertainment
Andrew Glassman Television producer Student Television
Joanna Going Actress Student (did not graduate) Acting
Marian Goodman Art dealer and gallery owner Student Business
Seth Grahame-Smith Novelist Student Writing
Geoffrey Gray American-Israeli professional basketball player in the Israeli Basketball Premier League
Spalding Gray Actor and writer Student Poetry Theater
Adam Green Musician known as half of The Moldy Peaches Student (did not graduate) Music
Todd J. Greenwald Television producer and writer Student (graduated 1991) Television
Leo Grillo Actor and activist Student Performing Arts Acting
Ted Gup Writer Faculty Journalism Writing
Doris "Granny D" Haddock Political activist Student Activism
Louise Closser Hale Actress, playwright, and novelist Student Theater
John Harrison Director, writer, producer, composer Student Film
Elden Henson Actor, Daredevil Student Acting
Doug Herzog Television executive, president of MTV Networks Student Television
Cutter Hodierne Filmmaker Student (did not graduate) Film
Dave Horwitz Comedian and writer Student Comedy
Alice Moore Hubbard Feminist and writer Student Writing
Shane Hurlbut Cinematographer Student (BA, 1986) Visual and Media Arts Film
Christ Hurst Member of the Virginia House of Delegates Student (BS, 2009) Broadcast Journalism Journalism, politics
Eric Hutchinson Singer-songwriter Student Music
Hussein Ibish Senior Fellow at the American Task Force on Palestine Student (graduated 1986) Communication Journalism
Al Jaffe Vice President of Talent Negotiation and Production Recruitment at ESPN Student (graduated 1968) Communication Television
Suzan Johnson Cook Presidential advisor, pastor, theologian, author, activist, and academic Student (graduated 1976) Oratory Theology
Alden Jones Writer Faculty[2] Writing, Literature & Publishing Writing
Gaynelle Griffin Jones Jurist, former United States Attorney for the Southern District of Texas Student Law
Mike Joy TV sports announcer Student Broadcasting
Jeremy Kasten Filmmaker Student Film
Janice Kent Actress, director, and life coach Student Acting
Bavand Karim Writer and producer Faculty Visual and Media Arts Television and film
E. W. Kenyon Pastor, founder and president of Bethel Bible Institute Student (did not graduate) Performing Arts Theology
James "Kibo" Parry Internet personality, leader of the parody religion Kibology Student Visual and Media Arts Comedy
Laura Kightlinger Actress, comedian, and writer Student Acting
Michael W. King Producer, writer, and director of music videos, documentaries, and films Faculty Visual and Media Arts Film
Marci Klein Television producer best known for her work on 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live Student Television
Bill Knott Poet Faculty Poetry
Amir Korangy Publisher and film producer, founder of The Real Deal Student Publishing
Zach Kornfeld YouTuber Student Video Production[3] Internet
William Kowalski Novelist and screenwriter Student (did not graduate) Writing
Paul Kreppel Actor, producer, and director Student Entertainment
Daniel Kwan Filmmaker, Academy Award nominee known for Everything Everywhere All at Once Student Film
Katherine G. Langley Member of the United States House of Representatives from Kentucky Student Oratory Politics
Wayne Larrivee Sportscaster Student Communication Broadcasting
Gene Lavanchy Radio and television personality and journalist Student (BS, 1986) Communication, Journalism Journalism
Norman Lear Television writer and producer known for sitcoms All in the Family and Sanford and Son Student (did not graduate) Television
Denis Leary Comedian and actor Student Comedy
Danny Ledonne Filmmaker and game developer Student Visual and Media Arts Film
Brandon Lee Actor and martial artist Student Performing Arts Acting
Don Lee Novelist Student (MFA) Creative Writing Writing
Jay Leno Comedian, talk show host Student (B.A., 1973) Speech Therapy Comedy
Dan Levy Comedian, actor, writer, and producer Student Comedy
Elma Lewis Arts educator, founder of the National Center of Afro-American Artists Student (BLI, 1943) Education
David Lipper Actor, writer Student (1991) Acting
Jamie Loftus Comedian, journalist, and writer Student Writing
Thomas Lux Poet, former Margaret T. and Henry C. Bourne, Jr. Chair in Poetry at Georgia Institute of Technology Student Poetry
Pierce Lyden Actor Student Acting
Chris Lynch Writer Student Writing
David Magidson Clown Student Acting Children's entertainment
Joe Mande Comedian Student Comedy
Leslie Marshall Talk radio host Student (MA) Journalism Radio
Andrea Martin Actress and comedian Student Acting
Julie Mayberry Journalist and advertising executive; Republican member of the Arkansas House of Representatives for District 27 in Pulaski and Saline counties Student (BA) Communications and Broadcast Journalism Television and journalism
Michael McCusker Film editor Student (BA) Visual and Media Arts Film
Guy McElroy Art historian Student (MA, 1975) Communications
Matt McGorry Actor known for Orange Is the New Black Student Acting
Peter Meade Business executive and talk show host Student (graduated 1970) Business Business
Carl Menninger Actor, director, playwright, and educator Student (MA) Theater
Maria Menounos Actress, journalist, and television personality Student (graduated 2000) Television
Ella Mielniczenko Producer[4] Student (BA, 2013)
Kurtis Ming News Anchor, Investigative Reporter, Founder WEBN Student (BS) Journalism
Shelley Mitchell Actress, acting teacher, and writer Student Acting
Amir Mokri Cinematographer Student Film
Erik Mona Publisher Student Publishing
Tim Neverett Sports announcer Student Broadcasting
Sarah Nicklin Actress Student Performing Arts Acting
Jay Baron Nicorvo Writer Student (MFA) Writing, Literature, and Publishing Writing
Elaine Noble Politician and activist Student Politics
Princess Noor bint Asem Member of the Jordanian royal family Student (BS, 2004) Political Communication Royalty
Lance Norris Entertainer Student Television
Michael Nouri Actor known for Flashdance Student Acting
Peter O'Brian Film producer Student (BA, 1969) Mass Communication, Film Film
Porsha Olayiwola Boston Poet Laureate Student (MFA) Writing, Literature, and Publishing Writing
Jacob Charles Osher DJ and record producer using the name DJ Jayceeoh Student Music
Alicyn Packard Voice actress Student (BA) Visual and Media Arts Acting
Morgan Page DJ and music producer Student Music
Josh Pahigian Author Alumnus Writing
Eddie Palladino NBA announcer for the Boston Celtics Student (BS, 1979) Communication Broadcasting
Don Pardo Radio and television announcer Student (graduated 1942) Broadcasting
Jerry Parisella Politician Student (BA, 1988) Journalism Politics
Penny Peyser Actress known for Crazy Like a Fox Student (graduated 1973) Acting
Chrystee Pharris Actress known for Passions Student (BFA) Performing Arts Acting
Phyllis St. Pierre Actress known for Son of Sinbad Student (BFA) Performing Arts Acting[5]
Brittany Martin Porter Emmy-winning television producer Student Visual Media Arts Producing
Jon Prescott Actor Student Acting
Sam Presti Basketball executive, general manager of the Oklahoma City Thunder Student Business
Felicia Pride Writer Student (MA) Publishing and Writing Writing
Tess Rafferty Writer and comedian Student (BA) Acting Art history
Joe Randazzo Writer and comedian Student (BA) Journalism Comedy
Jacobo Rispa Filmmaker Student Film
Rob Roberge Writer Student Writing
Seth Romatelli Podcaster and comedian Student Communications
Sara Weeks Roberts Activist Student Oratory Oratory
Eugene Roche Actor Student Acting
Kim Roberts Poet Student (BFA) Poetry
Anaridis Rodriguez Journalist and news anchor for The Weather Channel Student (MA) Journalism Journalism
Kathleen Rooney Writer Student (MFA) Writing, Literature, and Publishing Writing
Jason Scott Sadofsky Historian and filmmaker Student Mass Communication Film
Princess Sarah bint Asem Member of the Jordanian royal family Student Royalty
Hartley Sawyer Actor Student Acting
Carl Schmehl Theater/stage director and producer Student Theater
Daniel Scheinert Filmmaker, Academy Award nominee known for Everything Everywhere All at Once Student Film
Adam Schneider Voiceover actor, audio producer Student (BA, 2001) Radio Broadcasting
Bill Schulz Journalist and television personality Student (BA, 1998) Journalism Journalism
Barry Scott Syndicated radio host, "The Lost 45s" Student (BS, 1985) Radio Broadcasting
George Scribner Director and animator Student Film
Jeffrey L. Seglin Writer and teacher Faculty (1999–2011) Publishing Academia
John Sencio Television host and journalist Student Television
Lauren Sherman Journalist Student Journalism
Iliza Shlesinger Comedian and television personality Student Comedy
Juniper Shuey Visual artist Student Visual arts
Mark Simone Radio personality Student Radio
Emily Skeggs Actress Student Theater
Paul Solet Filmmaker Student (BA, 2002) Film
Henry Lawrence Southwick Performer and teacher and college president Student and faculty and president 1908 -1935 Office of the President Academic
Jessie Eldridge Southwick Performer, teacher, and author Student (BLI (1885) and Faculty Literary Interpretation Oratory
Matt Spiegel Sports broadcaster Student Broadcasting
Mary Starrett Politician and broadcaster Student Politics
Olen Steinhauer Author of spy fiction novels Student (MFA) Creative Writing Writing
Laurie Faria Stolarz Author of young adult fiction Student Writing
Janaka Stucky Poet Student Poetry
Steve Sweeney Comedian Student Comedy
Mark Hsu Syers Broadway actor Student (graduated 1974) Acting
Cecilia Tan Writer, founder of Circlet Press Student (MA, 1994) Writing, Literature, and Publishing Publishing
Rose Tarlow Interior designer Student (BS, 1960) Theater arts
Kristin Tate Author, political columnist Student Journalism Broadcasting
Michael Grant Terry Actor best known for his role on Bones Student Visual and Media Arts Acting
Alex Tse Screenwriter known for Sucker Free City and Watchmen Student Journalism Film
Spencer Tunick Photography known for organizing large-scale nude shoots Student (BA, 1988) Photography
Daphne Valerius Filmmaker Student Journalism
Scott Von Doviak Film critic Student (graduated 1989) Film criticism
Lilly Wachowski Film director, screenwriter, and producer Student (did not graduate) Film
David Foster Wallace Author, essayist, and professor Faculty English Literature
Natasha Gregson Wagner Actress Student (did not graduate) Acting
Jessie Ward Professional wrestler Student (graduated 2007) Visual and Media Arts Sports
George Watsky Rapper and poet Student (graduated 2010) Music
Armen Weitzman Comedian and actor Student Acting
Justin Willman Magician and television personality Student Journalism Television
Henry Winkler Actor and television personality; awarded an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters by Emerson in 1978 Student (BA, 1967) Acting
Harris Wittels Actor and comedian Student (graduated 2006) Visual and Media Arts Television
Gene Wood Game show announcer and television personality Student Performing Arts Television
Susan Wornick Television news anchor Student (BA, 1971) Journalism
Steven Wright Comedian Student (BA, 1978) Comedy
Elisha Yaffe Actor and writer Student Acting
Princess Yasmine bint Asem Member of the Jordanian royal family Student Royalty
Nicola Yoon Author Student Creative Writing Writing

Source: "List of Emerson College people", Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, (2023, January 25th),

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