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Hagerstown Police Department (Maryland)

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Hagerstown Police patch
Hagerstown Police patch

The Hagerstown Police Department is a full-service, 24/7 law enforcement agency serving a population of 40,612 (US Census Estimate 2010) in 11.79 square miles (30.5 km2) within the municipality of Hagerstown, Maryland, county seat of Washington County. Hagerstown closely borders Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia.[1]


Hagerstown Police Memorial
Hagerstown Police Memorial

There have been six line-of-duty deaths within the HPD.[2]

  • Officer Charles E. Gall, EOW October 10, 1866
  • Officer Murphy E. Flory, EOW June 26, 1901
  • Officer John C. Middlekauff, EOW August 17, 1914
  • Chief of Police George W. Fridinger, EOW February 28, 1918
  • Officer Lynwood N. Vewcomer, EOW June 3, 1951
  • Officer Donald Ralph Kline, EOW December 13, 1975


Colonel Victor Brito is Hagerstown's current Chief of Police .[3]

Source: "Hagerstown Police Department (Maryland)", Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, (2022, September 10th),

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