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Delicias (Zaragoza)

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Delicias in Zaragoza
Delicias in Zaragoza
 • Total3.284606 km2 (1.268193 sq mi)
 • Total104,389
 • Density32,000/km2 (82,000/sq mi)

Delicias is an urban district of Zaragoza, Spain. It is the most populated district in the municipality.

It has an area of 3.284606 km2 and, as of 2020, a population of 104,389 inhabitants.[1] An extremely densely populated working class district, Delicias welcomed in the second half of the 20th century rural migrants from Spain and, in the 21st century, foreign migrants (about a 25% of the population has foreign citizenship).[2][3][4] The process of urbanization was somewhat chaotic, with narrow streets.[4]

It is further subdivided into the neighborhoods of La Bombarda, La Bozada, Ciudad Jardín, Delicias, Monsalud, and Parque Roma.[4]

Source: "Delicias (Zaragoza)", Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, (2021, January 23rd),

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