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2000 Oklahoma Democratic presidential primary

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2000 Oklahoma Democratic presidential primary

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52 Democratic National Convention delegates (45 pledged, 7 unpledged)
The number of pledged delegates received is determined by the popular vote
  Al Gore, Vice President of the United States, official portrait 1994.jpg Senator Bill Bradley (D-NJ).jpg Lyndon LaRouche (cropped).jpg
Candidate Al Gore Bill Bradley Lyndon LaRouche
Home state Tennessee New Jersey New Hampshire
Delegate count 38 7 0
Percentage 73.1% 13.5% 0.00%
Popular vote 92,654

Oklahoma Democratic presidential primary election results by county winner, 2000.svg
  Al Gore
  Bill Bradley

The 2000 Oklahoma Democratic presidential primary took place on March 14, 2000 to select the state's 45 pledged delegates to the 2000 Democratic National Convention. Seven other states held their primary concurrently on the day of the Oklahoma primary.

Al Gore won the primary by a comfortable margin and earned 38 delegates, while Bill Bradley won enough votes to qualify for seven delegates despite having ended his presidential campaign the previous week.[1]


Popular vote share by county:   Gore—50–60%   Gore—60–70%   Gore—70–80%   Bradley—40–50%
Popular vote share by county:
2000 Oklahoma Democratic presidential primary
Candidate Vote[2] Delegates[3]
# %
Al Gore 92,654 68.71 38[a]
Bill Bradley (withdrawn) 34,311 25.44 7
Lyndon LaRouche 7,885 5.85 0
Total valid votes 134,850 100% 45

Source: "2000 Oklahoma Democratic presidential primary", Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, (2023, February 3rd),

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