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1941 United States House of Representatives elections

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There were elections in 1941 to the United States House of Representatives:

District Vacated by Reason for change Successor Date successor seated
Oklahoma 7th Sam C. Massingale (D) Died January 17, 1941 Victor Wickersham (D) April 1, 1941
New York 17th Kenneth F. Simpson (R) Died January 25, 1941 Joseph C. Baldwin (R) March 11, 1941
Alabama 7th Walter W. Bankhead (D) Resigned February 1, 1941 Carter Manasco (D) June 24, 1941
Maryland 6th William D. Byron (D) Died February 27, 1941 Katharine Byron (D) May 27, 1941
Virginia 2nd Colgate Darden (D) Resigned March 1, 1941, to run for Governor of Virginia Winder R. Harris (D) April 8, 1941
New York 42nd Pius L. Schwert (D) Died March 11, 1941 John C. Butler (R) April 22, 1941
North Carolina 5th Alonzo D. Folger (D) Died April 30, 1941 John H. Folger (D) June 14, 1941
New York 14th Morris M. Edelstein (D) Died June 4, 1941 Arthur G. Klein (D) July 29, 1941
Wisconsin 1st Stephen Bolles (R) Died July 8, 1941 Lawrence H. Smith (R) August 29, 1941
Pennsylvania 15th Albert G. Rutherford (R) Died August 10, 1941 Wilson D. Gillette (R) November 4, 1941
Colorado 4th Edward T. Taylor (D) Died September 3, 1941 Robert F. Rockwell (R) December 9, 1941
Mississippi 2nd Wall Doxey (D) Resigned September 28, 1941, after being elected to the US Senate Jamie L. Whitten (D) November 4, 1941
Massachusetts 7th Lawrence J. Connery (D) Died October 19, 1941 Thomas J. Lane (D) December 30, 1941

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